GAME 48/82: vs Memphis, Open Game Thread

Break that addiction!

The Kings have won five straight at home now. So unless someone picks up ARCO and drops it in Tennessee, I feel pretty good.

Brad Miller will probably be back, and this time is loads better with him. Over the past three years, it's been Miller - not Peja, Webber or Bibby - that has seen the team suffer the most when he's out.

Tonight is Shareef's last game spitting through the wire, if all goes according to plan. He won't be November Shareef right away - I'm guessing it'll take at least two weeks to build the strength and endurance back up. If nothing else, his body fat level has to be remarkably low right now - all the activity he'll be doing in the weight room and on the practice floor could make him more chiseled than ever.

Bonzi will probably sit out, which clears the way for more Kevin Martin. Too bad, actually - I kind of want to see a Bonzi revenge game at some point. Maybe next time.

Bibby vs. Bobby is obviously the storyline tonight. I'm guessing multiple standing ovations for BJax. For all those that always thought Bobby should've gotten a chance over Bibby, though? No f'n way.

I have few doubts that Kenny Thomas is on his way out, via trade. When Geoff Petrie talked about flexibility with the roster, we all assumed the Philly Three would get moved fairly quickly. KT's the only one with a good enough value to actually get something back for. These Kelvin Cato/Tony Battie suggestions are intriguing - Orlando needs a small forward now that Grant Hill is done, and cap space and an immediately available serviceable big sound good. Something like this might have to wait for Shareef's revival, though.

Put your patches on, guys! Get that W-I-N!

To the lineups!

PG - Bobby Jackson. (Though it might be Chucky Atkins. I think Mike Fratello has to give Bobbo the start, though.)
SG - Eddie Jones
SF - Shane Battier/Mike Miller
PF - Pau Gasol
C  - Lorenzen Wright

PG - Mike Bibby, who leads all NBA point guards in minutes played.
SG - Kevin Martin, who leads all Kings in electrifying dunks.
SF - Ron Artest, who leads all NBA players in hilarious fist pumps.
PF - Kenny Thomas, who leads all Kings in scowls.
C  - Brad Miller, who leads all NBA centers in possibly dirty backcourt screens.

The line: -2.5. The Grizzez (new official nickname) have lost nine of 12. The Kings have won one of one. Also, Vegas seems to be figuring at the Kings. Take the chalk.

Fun bet o' the night: Sacramento over/under 90.5 points. I'll go with the over. You know, barring an 0 for 20 quarter.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: So, will Ron-Ron guard Pau Gasol tonight? You wouldn't think so. Artest will probably end up guarding Mike "Mr. Triple-Double" Miller. But Artest on Gasol is intriguing. And Gasol's facial hair is also intriguing.

Best matchup: Bobby vs. Bibby, baby. I'm conflicted, though: I'd love to see lots of Bibby/Atkins, because Chucky is one of the three worst point guard defenders I've ever seen. Ever. (Yes, I watch Mike Bibby three times weekly.) But, BoJax vs. MB10 will by an emotional battle in front of Sacramento's finest.

Goal tracker update: I should probably include this item from now on. The Kings are two games behind the Warriors, seven under .500 and four behind the Lakers, who are eighth in the West.

Let's go Kings! Win one for the, um, fans!

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