Rumor: Bonzi for Jeff Foster and Sarunas Jasikevicius?

I don't know where this rumor started, but it's getting hotter, with DraftExpress now reporting it: The Kings are reportedly discussing a sign-and-trade with Indiana that would send rebounding machine Jeff Foster and point guard Sarunas Jasikevicius to Sactown for Bonzi Wells.

A couple thoughts:

  1. Jeff Foster is a quality piece. He's been in the top ten in the league in rebound rate each of the last four seasons. His rebounding numbers have improved over the last three years. He's 29. He's only slated to make $5.2 million in 2006-07, and $5.7 million in 2007-08. He has a player option for $6.1 million in 2008-09, and who knows if he'll be in a position at age 31 to go for another contract or he'll be content to wait it out. This guy has a valuable contract to someone who needs rebounding and defense off the bench.
  2. Jeff Foster is also famously one of Brad Miller's best friends. I'm not saying this could be like Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemons, but... Okay, yes I am. Ron-Ron + Foster = Big Bad Brad.
  3. Jasikevicius has the best "Marv Albert name" of all time. What's a "Marv Albert name?" A name only Marv Albert should be allowed to say in broadcasts. "Jasikevicius for three... YES! Jasikevicius puts the Kings up by one!" See, isn't that great?
  4. Saras will make $4 million this season and $4 million the next season. That's it.
  5. He struggled last season - like the rest of the Pacers. But he still shot a decent clip from long-range (36 percent) and averaged twice as many assists as turnovers. And from everything I've ever read about the guy, he won't quit until he's considered an NBA success. If Indiana is ready to give up on him after one tumultuous season, I'd love to see Sacramento benefit.
Your new depth chart would look like this:


Amundson has a partially guaranteed contract for this season with team options on the next two years, so I don't see Geoff Petrie releasing him during camp. Garcia could easily be moved to the backup SF spot, and he'll probably play there more than at the 2.

Paying two new backups a combined $9 million almost necessitates losing either Kenny Thomas or Corliss Williamson and Vitaly Potapenko. Jason Hart would also be a prime candidate for a salary/roster spot dump. KT has proven he cannot play off the bench, so he doesn't fit in. Corliss and Vitaly won't play enough to warrant their contracts. Sending Bonzi away saves money, but that doesn't mean you can overpay your entire bench.

Also, remember that the Kings would not be able to include another player along with Bonzi in the sign-and-trade. So don't suggest adding Hart or Thomas to Bonzi in shipping him off - it literally cannot happen.

Otherwise, thoughts? First person to say "Jeff 'Bananas' Foster" wins a snowcone.

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