Response to Pookey's Voisin tirade

Apparently my response under Pookey's post was too long, so...

First, Pookey let me just say I am glad to see you writing stuff again.  I haven't been on the site very often lately, but when I do I generally look for a post from you.  You always have good "takes" (as Rome would say).  I might not agree with you all of the time (see Arena issue) but I always can respect where you come from.  Your post are well thought out.  Ok, now that I am done with that, to my second point.  I have always hated Voisin's columns.  I can never get thru the first few paragraphs.  I don't receive the paper daily, but at least once a week I will go get one just to stay up to date on things.  And everytime I see here columns, if they aren't something stupid about the Kings, then she will have an R.E. Graswich type of feel to them on some other topic like: Drinking Water, Do We Really Need It? (made-up column title to prove a point).  I think I would rather read the Classified section under the Power Tools and Farm Equipment than read her articles. I thought the Bee would be upgraded when Bob Graswich moved to the Metro so when the over 80 crowd reads that section to see if their name is in it, they will read his garbage and wet themselves.  But then they brought in Bob Jr. (aka Voisin) with her crap.

As for Bibby, yes he has an ego since his contract.  No he is not a leader.  But he is not the sole problem with this team.  Would his departure help this team?  Maybe.  Yes we may get salary cap relief if some of the proposed trades happen.  But we still have Miller and Thomas' contracts.  Bibby can't play defense to save his life.  But I am not so sure that it is a lack of effort all of the time.  Is he Randy Moss-like and takes defense possessions off? yes, but when he tries, that is all I can ask for.  He just isn't quick.  Also, I think the lack of a shot blocker in the middle exaggerates his defensive inadequacies.  J-Will can't play defense either, but he has Shaq in the middle, so many PGs are not really keen on going to the hole.  Now I know we don't have Shaq or Dikembe or Zo or any of the other studs in the middle.  But I am not even asking for a stud in the middle.  I would like an average center who will at the very least change shots.  Instead we have Miller, who if you can believe this, is SLOWER than Bibby (see Millers post up moves or Peja-like drives to the hole where he flails his arms, screems a blood-curddling UGH!!! and throws the ball into the second row of the stands, hoping to get a whisle because he is "Peja Former All-Star" or in Brads case "Brad Miller, Hunter, Redneck and All-Around Lazy Ass" and don't give me shit that he has lost weight this off season, let's see a real game and not the preseason).  Back to the point.  Bibby is a great third guy.  He and Webber or Vlade worked a good pick and roll, even when Peja was here.

As for Adelman.  This is the old argument of is it the coach, the system or the players.  Would Joe Montana have been Joe Montana without Bill Walsh?  Maybe.  Would the Kings have won as many games with another coach other than Adelman during those years?  Probably not.  But as I have always said on this and other sites, if you don't win the Championship then you are second with all of the rest.  There is only one team that can win it all.  And that is very hard to do.  I think Adelman is a great regular season coach, but a horrible Post-season coach.  Talent will only take you so far in this league.  You still need a coach to be able to make in-game changes, half-time changes and in a series game-to-game changes.  Adelman did good in the regular season because the talent over came many obstacles in the middle of the game.  But in a series, when the other coach made adjustments, Adelman stuck to the same thing, and then the talent only went so far.  During a 7-game series, coaches like Phil Jackson and, as much as it pains me to say this, Don Nelson make adjustments to what the other team is doing.  

Now I will contradict my last paragraph.  If Kobe gets called for a foul on Bibby in the final minutes of game six (see Kobe's elbow in Bibby's face) or if Horry doesn't break our hearts in game 4 or if the Kings would make a free throw in gamee 7, then maybe we aren't having this discussion about Adelman.  But as the hillbillies say, if the dog would have got the rabbit, then we would have something to eat.  Or as Rome says, if my aunt had 'nads, then she'd be my uncle.  The bottom line is, coaches are first judged on do they win in the regular season.  Check for Adelman.  If they do, then they are judged on if they win in the post season.  Adelman, graded as a C.  He could won series, but not THE series.  He didn't get the Kings to THE SERIES.  That is the bottom line.  But as you have said in your post, that doesn't matter now....

So the next question is where do we go from here?  Well we have to suck for a couple of more years to get better.  We need a very low (1-5 draft pick) this year.  We need K-Mart to turn into Tracy McGrady (minus the back problems) and be unstoppable as well as a better than average defender.  We need to get rid of Miller, Bibby and Thomas.  Artest I don't mind on this team because at least he brings it night-in and night-out.  Hopefully he keeps his nose clean.  Besides we aren't going to get a player of his calibur at the salary he is making.  Plus, we aren't going to win with him or with out him.  To me he is a non-factor.  

I am hoping for two things this year, as I will be hoping for my beloved Giants for next year.  

First, be fun and exciting.  If they lose 50-60 games this year, but are competitive and try hard and lose because they don't know how to win yet (that is the young guys).  That is ok with me this year.  Second, I want the young guys to play the bulk of the minutes this year.  Get them some experience and see if they can hang in this league.  Teams will want Bibby, they already do.  And there may even be a team that wants Miller.  I don't care if Thomas is a distraction.  He isn't a core guy or an up and coming guy.  He is a 12th man as far as I am concerned.  

Pookey, good to hear from you.  Pick apart my stuff and let me know what you think.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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