An ideal situation for Bibby?

Earlier today this was posted by Section214(hat tip for posting the link) regarding Mike Bibby. It in alot of ways, which includes some sound reasoning from Ira Winderman, debunks why Miami and Bibby don't make sense.As I sit watching the Atlanta Hawks vs the Orlando Magic (which as an owner of league pass I'm thrilled to say I get to see--unlike Orlando Magic fans/viewers), I notice an interesting thing. Atlanta could use another solid scorer in it's backcourt. So I was thinking why not Bibby? Here's my proposal:

MIke Bibby for

Speedy Claxton (his contract sucks but only has 3 years left ,including this year, I realize. Plus his contract is decreasing year by year somewhat lessening the strain on the cap by roughly 500K a year.)

Lorenzen Wright: His contract expires this offseason.

Tyronn Lue: His contract expires too.

Here's the benefit of this. You get cap relief for this offseason to the tune of about 6 million. You decrease your cap number for next season because Claxton's contract is so much smaller than Bibby's (and even though it's a year longer he makes 5.3 million the last year of his deal.) However beyond the financial perspective there is also this. The Kings need to change this team starting with Bibby and Artest. Does Bibby have alot of value? And even then you have to think of the financial burden this decreases from the Kings cap over time. It also gives another contract to add to the timeline of the offseason of 2010 (Brad, Shareef, Kenny and Speedy's contract all expire at the same time. Combined that is roughly 25 million of cap space coming off at one time.) If I'm Geoff Petrie, and I'm not, I find a way to maybe take a 1st round pick from the Hawks who already have way too many young players in say 2010/2011. That would be an eminently fair deal for a player that is valued by management, and possibly over-valued, however there isn't a better deal for this team short & long term from anyone out there. Certainly nothing that isn't realistic long term.

There is a catch though. Can the Maloof's live with that deal that doesn't bring a name that some fans would recognize and buy tickets for? (I think this is an underrated factor but one could easily argue the team isn't drawing anyone now with Bibby on the team. What will they lose by decreasing salary, especially since salary will be jumping by about 7 million alone with K-Mart's contract extension.)

There is another catch from Atlanta's side. Perhaps you're familiar with the most retarded ownership situation (not named the Seattle SuperSonics--I might firebomb Clay Bennett if he moves the Sonics--not his car--HIM) and perhaps not. The catch is that if the Hawks go over the cap Steve Belkin ,the retard who very nearly came into his dream several years ago of seeing his team becoming a talent feeder to the Boston Celtics, can veto the deal. Would he to get back at the owners who went into court because they were tired of his stupendish ways (because they wanted the team to win apparently--what a novel concept). Ugh, if only these things I propose didn't have idiot millionaires/billionaires blocking them. Jerkoffs!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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