The View From Section214, 12/1

Parking and concessions are a breeze these days. The lone upside to an arena unfilled.
I'm here with my daughter tonight. She is on a cheer team so I will be closely watching the Kings Dance Team with her - so much better than when I'm here with Mrs. Section214.
45 minutes prior to game time and Udrih and Moore are on the floor shooting while Randy Brown helps shag balls and offers a little defensive pressure.
Moore is now signing autographs (Brown too) and talking with the fans.  If this guy didn't have teflon hands he would be impossible not to love.
Noticing here in the program that T-Mac and Yao score over half of Houston's points and they are their only double digit scorers.
So who do we make an all star out of tonight? Bonzi is too easy of an answer so I am going with TZ's boy, Luis Scola.
Huge Mike is now being introduced as "the star of the pregame show." I guess star status is a little more easily attained these days - "Introducing the star of northwest transportaion, pookey!"
Kings take the floor. There's Ron (yay!) followed by K9(woof!)(yikes!).
K9(woof!) is making nice with the Rockets coaching staff. Just seeing him that close to the opponent's bench is making my nipples hard.
Standing ovation for Adelman. I love the intelligence of the Kings fan.

1st Quarter
My God, Yao is huge!
Yao has done a little whining this quarter. I mention that I don't recall seeing him whine before and the fan next to me mentions that he's never played under Adelman before - zing!
Beno Udrih is even faster in person than he appears on TV.
Ron Artest's value just keeps rising. Whether he helps us unload a hydra head or whether we get a David Lee in return, we're going to get something for Ron Artest.
The upstairs is pretty full tonight. Lot's of people buying up the $10 and $22 seats. Still a lot of empty seats behind the baskets downstairs.

2nd Quarter
During the timeout they did human bowling, where they sling shot Slamson (sitting on a furniture dolly of sorts) into inflatable pins. My daughter now knows what she wants to do with her life.
Did Mikki Moore just block his own shot?
Boy, we're missing some open shots.
Beno just did a great job denying T-Mac the ball on a switch.
Oh no, K9(woof!) is coming in!
Oh, wait. Theus called K9(woof!) back and is going with Hawes instead. Whew/wow.
Man, Ron can be so good sometimes.
Is this the same team that turned the ball over a zillion times the other night? 2 TO's as we near the half.
They are giving away Mannheim Steamroller tickets right now and playing Iggy Pop in the background - that's just not right.
Looks like Brad's trying to get tossed - must be elk season.
This is becoming a very good game and the crowd is really getting into it.

Cheerleading - yawn.
An old guy (older than me - that old!) in a cowboy hat comes up and insists that we are in his seats. Uh, I'm section214, bub and your ticket says that you're in section 215. Obviously not an StR devotee.

3rd Quarter
Moore just stuffed himself again.
Sign Man lives - D'OH!!!
61-57 Kings and the place is rockin'!
Spencer Hawes is pretty active.

4th quarter
Huge Mike now waits until the 9 minute mark to welcome us to the 4th quarter. This is like sitting in drive through for a couple of minutes waiting to be acknowledged.
Salmons > Bonzi. Big off the bench.
Spencer Hawes is very active. Very active!
Cisco is driving some of the fans crazy. Beno's ability has really exposed Garcia's non-point guard skills.
If the Rockets get a 3rd scorer on this team they will be tough. It would take at least a 3rd team to get involved, but Mike Bibby...
Yao now has 29 on 14 shots - Martinlike.
Ooh, Yao is gone and he's a little cranky - hey he just pitched a towel onto the floor. "T" time!
Yao and T-Mac have 64 of Houston's 94 points.
ARCO has hit its loudest with 3 minutes left in the game.
Not settling for jumpers every time down - we likey.
Kings win!

Easy exodus from the arena and home to Roseville in less than 30 minutes. I feel a little guilty but I kind of like the leaner crowd. Until next Friday, end transmission.

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