A few observations....

So last night I got to sit a few rows off the floor for the first time all year due to a friends holiday absence and i noticed a few things...

-first things first, Im not really into beating the dead horse, but give me a break on our free-throw shooting. throughout the game it was a reason for concern, and thats exactly what seperates the good teams from the bad ones huh?

-The chemistry between Beno and Theus is horrible. Im not sure if anyone has noticed this but those 2 are seriously not on the same page. I must have seen Theus pull Beno aside at the beginning of a handlful of timeouts and lecture him, with Beno verbally shooting back during each discussion. Its not good when the coach and PG aern't on the same page fellas!

-Way to show the crowd that you have some balls Beno!!!! Leaders hit those buddy! (hell, at least 1 of them). However, he did have a pretty good offensive game aside from those FT's.But those were BIG!.I'll save my comments for the 7ft RAGDOLL until later

-Artest is playing GREAT ball right now. Im not sure if he'll stay here or opt out, but I sure hope we set aside some cash for him! He was a ball-stopper for a few minutes in the 3rd, but other than thet, he played a flawless game.

-Brad Miller sucks! I'll just get that out right now before i explain. One play in particular pissed me off maybe worse than any play thus far this year..(I believ it happened in the 3rd Q) Artest curt through the left side of the lane and while his man and Millers defender crashed on him, Artest jumped in the air and wisely dumped off a bounce passunder the hoop to where a crashing Brad Miller SHOULD have been. Instead the ball bounced to Miller and he subsequently missed a 7 foot jumper. Give me a damn Break!!!! That is basketball fundamentals 101 you 7 foot RAGDOLL!!! When your man doubles down on a driving player through the CRASH the hoop!!! Artest was visably upset with Miller and he should have been. He drew an extra defender and dropped off a perfect pass to what should have been a streaking Miller for a dunk!! We must be the only team in the damn league where a play like that doesnt resolve in a flush! Frustrating to say the least!

-Mikki Moore actually played some pretty damn good defence last night. He had 3 good blocks that i remember. Even more impressive is that none of them were "cheap-blocks". He went straight up on all three and got legitimate blocks. Felt good to finally see a center who can block shots and not shoot the ball like a fat 7th grade girl (yes, thats referring to j. willimas offensive abilities)

-Douby gave a few solid minutes to the club. Had a few shots that he should have hit (needs to hit if he expects minutes) but I still think he gave us a few good minutes.

-Another frustration...And this one doesnt include the RAGDOLL...Someone needs to explain to Cisco' the importance of dribbling the ball with your head up. I noticed two or three plays when he had the ball in his hands and we should have easily converted baskets but didnt. when a rookie dribbles carelessly with his head down its considered a bad rookie habit....but a guy who has been in the league for a few years....thats reason for concern fellas!!!

-Carmelo's game is Smooth!! He didnt play exceptionally well but before I knew it I looked up and he already had 24! His drive to through the lane in the 4th was damn impressive! Talk about imposing your will on the game

-We SHOULD have won this game! This would have been a huge game for the Kings and their fans for motivational purposes!! Up next...Celts...Ouch!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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