Kings Bench Not Being Used Correctly

Theus has done very well with players like Salmons, Beno and Miller. He is getting them into position to play the game they excel at and running offensive sets to take advantage of their skills. However, I feel that three of the Kings' bench players are not being used to the best of thier abilities by Theus.

1. Quincy Douby
We all know that Quincy is great with that running one-handed floater in the lane yet just about everytime he uses this shot it is on a fast break or because the offense has broken down and Q is forced to make something happen one-on-one. Most the time Douby is on offense however, he is relegated to bringing up the ball and getting players the ball that are coming off screens. That is not Douby's game. He is no Steve Nash or even Beno. Theus needs to realize this. Douby is best when the floor is spread and he is given the chance to take his man one-on-one on the perimeter. He is a creator similar to Salmons yet he is not being given the chance to shine.

2. Spencer Hawes
Yes, he is a rookie and very unexperienced yet all we heard about this guy all summer was how talented a low-post scorer he was. We saw him in Summer League use very impressive moves in the paint to set up turn-around jumpers, drop-steps and advanced hook shots with both the right AND the left hand. He did most of his scoring at Washington in the low post teamed with a nice 18-22 foot shot. With the Kings though, he rarely touches the ball on offense and sees the ball in the post maybe once every five games he plays. While it is true that he is a 19 year-old rookie, Theus needs to get him some touches EVERY GAME in the post. He is usually in the game with the second unit and other than Garcia, there are not many scorers on that unit. Douby is a scorer yet he is relegated to setting up Garcia and the one remaining starter usually left on the floor (Salmons or Artest most often). Theus needs to get Hawes on the block where he is MOST useful on offense. Using him for only screens and rebounding is putting Spencer in a position to if not fail, then to just be a body. Sometimes he finds a way to get involved either with an assist or finding a way to get an open 17 footer but usually his line is a handful of rebounds and a put-back or two. He needs to be much more involved on the offensive end when he's out there.

3. Justin Williams
FREE 3-Wil!!!!!!!!!

That's all I'm going to say. For the 500th time that is.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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