Rome wasn't built in a day (and Sacramento wasn't, either)

(From the diaries. If Petrie can pull this off, we're cloning him to run our everyday lives. - TZ)

Geoff Petrie will win my personal award for executive of the year this year if the following trades are pulled off tomorrow:

1. The trade can be found here:

Drew Gooden (from Cleveland)
Marcus Banks (from Cleveland)
Ira Newble (from Cleveland, expiring contract)
Cleveland's 1st round pick this year (which is owed to Phoenix, so it's from Phoenix)
Phoenix's own first round pick this year
Scot Pollard (from Cleveland)
Dwayne Jones (from Cleveland)
Future first round pick from Sacramento, top ten protected through 2009, top 15 protected in 2010, unprotected in 2011
Mike Bibby

2. The trade can be found here:

PJ Brown's expiring contract
Shareef Abdur Rahim
Vitaly Potapenko's expiring contract

3. The trade can be found here:

James Posey's expiring contract
Dorell Wright
Miami's first round pick this year
Ron Artest
Phoenix's first round pick this year that we obtained in the previous trade w/ Phoenix and Cleveland


Why not?  This team is headed nowhere.  Every single one of these trades make sense for all participants involved.  We get two first round picks out of the deal in a deep draft (giving us three total, including one that is sure to be in the top ten, ESPECIALLY after tomorrow).  We get Drew Gooden who can replace Shareef and become the starter in front of Kenny Thomas for good at power forward, because the Maloofs will sit down with the poodle and tell him that he has to deal with it.  And if he doesn't deal with it, they will start fining him if he has poor performances.  We get Marcus Banks who is cheaper and a few years younger than Bibby.  We get Dorell Wright, whose presence will undoubtedly fire up the other youngsters in Martin, Salmons and Garcia as they all fight for playing time and increased role.  And we get cap space:  

PJ Brown $8,560,000   
Corliss Williamson $6,500,000
James Posey $6,392,100
Ira Newble $3,196,050
Jason Hart $1,680,000
Ronnie Price $664,209

All of those contracts would come off the books after this year.  The only incoming salaries that remain on the books after those trades are:

Drew Gooden     $6,645,402
Marcus Banks     $3,600,000
Dorell Wright   $1,325,160

In other words, we shave off around about $11 million dollars off of the Kings payroll after this season.  The free agent market isn't incredibly hot or anything, but the Kings could be a player to acquire some players through trades as well.  Throw in 3 first round picks in a deep draft, and the Kings are guaranteed to walk away with some talent from this summer.  Not to mention a young core (Martin, Gooden, Banks, Salmons, Garcia and Wright) to build around for years to come.  


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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