A Year of Worsts

Let's look at some of the worsts the Kings displayed this season...

How about the worst offensive performances?

#3 Nov. 3, at Chicago. Kings actually win this one 89-88 on a career high 30 from Kevin Martin. Martin hit the game-winner, which was overshadowed by two bonehead turnovers by Chris Duhon. 89 points in 104 possessions, for an offensive rating of 85.6. U-G-L-Y.

#2 March 18, at Atlanta. I think we all remember this one. Kings lose 99-76... to the Hawks. Sort-of a nail-in-the-coffin game. Corliss Williamson is your leading scorer with 14. 76 points on 92 possessions, for an offensive rating of 82.6.

#1 Jan. 20, at Detroit. Artest's first game back in Detroit, a Webber reunion... and a disaster on wheels. Kings lose 91-74. Those 74 points come in 92 possessions, for an offensive rating of 80.4. Again, Big Nasty is your leading scorer. I sense a pattern.

Now, the team's worst defensive performances:

#3 Dec. 5, at Phoenix. The Suns ran the Kings out the gym, 127-102. Not much else to say.

#2 April 16, vs New Orleans. Did this game even count? It was actually a fun match, considering the Kings were playing for ping pong balls. Hornets score 125 points in just 97 possessions, for an offensive rating of 128.9.

#1 We have a tie: Dec 12, at Golden State; and April 1, at Los Angeles. Golden State beat the Kings 126-113, scoring those big points in 97 possessions. The Lakers also put up 126 points in 97 possessions in bludgeoning the Kings 126-103. That big offensive rating? 129.9.

And now some quick hit worsts:

  • Worst shooting night: Opening night, Nov. 1, at Minnesota. Kings shoot an eFG of 36.5%. Shockingly, they lose.
  • Worst ballhandling night: Nov. 3, at Chicago. Not a good month, November. A whopping 26 turnovers for those rocking Kings.
  • Worst defensive rebounding night: Jan. 2, vs New York. Knicks tug down a full 41.5% of their offensive rebounding opportunities. Kings still win 112-100 behind Ron-Ron's 39.
  • Worst offensive rebounding night: Feb. 5, vs New Orleans. Kings manage two offensive boards in 30 attempts, or 6.7%. Kings still win, proving rebounding doesn't matter as much as we think it does.
  • Worst loss: Based on (offensive rating - defensive rating), it's a tie. Dec. 5 at Phoenix, March 19 at Atlanta. Given opponent strength, I'd say the Hawks loss was most egregious.
Later today, we'll have individual worsts. And tomorrow, the bests. (Where are those crickets coming from?)
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