Reggie Theus Press Conference, Live Blog & Open Thread

The press conference starts at 3p Pacific. Stay tuned for coverage. You can watch the presser yourself at or on Comcast SportsNet in the Sacramento area.

3:05 pm: Erm, 3:15p start apparently.

3:08: The link to the streaming vid is now up on

3:14: I'm starting to think CSN is not going live to the press conference.

3:16: Ailene Voisin is shy. She went to the second third row.

3:21: Any day century now...

3:30: Holy sh*t, is someone in the press room whistling that Gym Class Heroes "My Girlfriend" song? We have seen deep into the heart of the seedy journalist underworld.

3:33: Great, now we can look forward to 20-minute delays before Kings games. Reggie's hair does not slick itself back!

3:37: Maybe they want to run it live on News10 TV, but they refuse to pre-empt Salma Hayek on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

3:45: The photog in the front row is slipping into a coma. Quick! Someone kick his chair!

3:48: Gary Gerould's in the house. I remember him asking a rather silly question of Eric Musselman. It was a disguised attempt to brag about how long he's been with the organization. At least Theus can point to Kansas City and tell him to suck it.

3:49: And we have Theus. And Petrie. Petrie looks really excited, if excited is defined as "completely bored and listless and borderline suicidal."

3:51: The dark-haired Maloof has loose lips. He almost just admitted this was a Maloof hire, not a Petrie one.

3:54: Theus' comments on Petrie's poker face also seem to indict the Maloofs. It's time for Petrie to save these guys.

3:55: Theus: "The game is supposed to be fun, and I don't think the guys were having fun last year." Encouraging.

3:56: It's nice to know Reggie has talked to Mike Bibby and Ron Artest... but what about Kevin Martin? We haven't heard one mention of him yet. Everyone realizes this kid is the franchise, right? Right?

3:59: Nice Laker bash by the coach. Cheers to hating L.A.

4:02: Anyone hear that joke? Apparently, it was humorous.

4:03: Did he just rip Jerry Reynolds? He said he's learned what not to do from all his 16 NBA coaches... of which JR was one. Dinner's going to be uncomfortable tonight.

4:06: Petrie is a PR master. It's unfortunate his bosses aren't. See how he just handled that question about who made the final call?

4:12: Half an hour in, we get our first Martin reference. And it's about Petrie's draft acumen.

4:13: What is Gavin smelling? Must be disgusting.

4:14: So the Maloofs have been paying Theus for three years? And we're supposed to believe this was Petrie's call? Seriously, Maloofs... shh.

4:16: These four guys should get a room.

4:17: Not a single question about Terry Porter. I wanted to see Geoff sweat, dammit!

4:17: And we're done. Wait, was that Scott Brooks in the third row? Um... awkward. I'm dislodging myself from the laptop for a week or three. See ya.

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