More Crackheadish Thoughts to chew on

First off this is a multiple idea diary. This not only will serve as a trade idea beacon (I wont bring up the
Ron Artest trade idea again)
but also for shyts & giggles a cba questionnaire. There is some great stuff out there that may impact trades so any things I think of Ill mention in this diary too. Here are some links to Larry Coon's excellent FAQ. I suggest reading that as well as
Dan Rosenbaum's excellent FAQ also
. Feel free to refer to these in the future for any salary cap questions plus this
NBA player site

Zach Randolph/Jarret Jack for Andre Miller/Kyle Korver 21st/30th Pick. Really it's simple. Portland gets an older vet PG for 2 more seasons and a shooter in Korver for 3. Also they get the 21st/30th pick whichever they can get from Philly. The Sixers get a tremendous low post player (even if he does nothing else) to sandwich any SF/SG they get to go alongside Andre Igoudala and Samuel Dalembert. Truthfully both sides have plenty of reasons to do this deal. Neither side has any reason to NOT get it done. Outside of Portland fans who may feel they aren't getting quality value in return BUT if Zach was that good they wouldn't have to trade him in the first place. Portland doesn't have to trade him, and Pritchard has publicly stated he won't just dump him, but all that means he has publicly stated that he won't do it to just do it. That could also mean he won't take a terrible contract in return but a good player like Miller and a reasonable contract in Korver plus the 21st pick? There are few teams that can offer that.
Chances of it geting done? 50-50 would be my guess. Both sides have plenty of reasons to do it but both sides have plenty not to do it. The problem is that this business is a competition for GM's so finding trades that benefit teams mutually while helping each other immensely down the road is hard. That's why alot of deal's don't get done. That and doing a deal for sake of a deal is not always wise. This doesn't fall under that scenario. Personally I would rather see Portland keep Zach and watch him keeping on and wreaking havoc on that team  regardless of the fact that he puts up 20 & 10.

Pau Gasol/Damon Stoudamire for Speedy Claxton,Salim Stoudamire,Solomon Jones and the 3rd pick in the 2007 draft: This is a pretty simple trade. It gives Atlanta that stud 2nd scorer they need in Gasol plus a vet PG in stoudamire. It gives Memphis the 3rd pick in a deep draft along with more salary cap relief (combined with what they already have). The reason it gets done is because Atlanta has enough salary cap room to make up for the salary disparity. Will it? Good question. Both teams should try to get it done but there are some mitigating factors.

  1. Jerry West: How much control does he have and will Michael Heisley trust him or David Griffin, the assistant GM in Phoenix who Heisley just hired to replace West, more? Not to mention since he balked at getting less than Gordon/Deng for Gasol earlier in the season it might be hard to accept that he would be willing to take 'less' value than that.
  2. Michael Heisley: He's trying to sell the team and honestly this would be an easier way to do that. You move Gasol's salary (61+ million for the next 4 years) and get a cheaper 1 year shorter contract in claxton. Plus you get cap room in 2008 with Lue,Stoudamire and Jones coming off the cap. It's only about 4 million but rebuilding cheaply is a key way to making sure that the team has plenty of resources available. Since this will also help put more players on Memphis' roster they have no reason to worry about falling under a minimum team salary threshold especially when you remember having the 3rd & 4th picks will add roughly 8 million to the team salary structure.
  3. Memphis rebuilding: Anybody who honestly believes that any franchise CAN'T rebuild with cap space and a bunch of draft picks is dumb. You don't have to use cap space immediately as San Antonio proved in the earlier part of this decade. (In fact while Golden State was crying over Arenas some have forgotten the Spurs managed to sign Ginobili under the same rules. Yet another reason why they're alot better than the Warriors.) You can simply use it to your advantage over time. However if you keep Gasol you won't have much because his contract is so big. They would be wise to cut bait and get out from under him. Atlanta seems the best bet in order to accomplish it. With 2 draft picks in the top 5 (3 & 4) this would give Memphis a serious chance to matter again in 3 seasons. Which would be the same time that Claxton's contract would expire. Synergy is beautiful if you have a plan. Does Griffin,West or Heisley? What about Knight and Atlanta's ownership? We will see how much each franchise is willing to get this done.
Side Concern relating to the CBA: I was worried that the Hawks would not do this unless it didn't affect their standing receiving luxury tax. Since luxury tax payments are not given to teams under the cap ONLY but UNDER THE LUXURY TAX THRESHOLD, this is actually not a concern of the Hawks in doing this deal. The concern would be the lack of cap space for the future. Which given their current usage would be a worthwhile tradeoff.

Chad Ford came up with an excellent scenario that benefits the kings in every way.
Here it is
. My feeling is that if you trade Artest and bring back Battier you're adding another role player because he's well known to fans. That's stupid. This trade is about saving money and the draft pick. That's why you do it. Also my thanks to dun for passing this along in his diary.

3 way deal: Mike Bibby to Boston, Theo Ratliff to Utah and Andrei Kirilenko/Rajon Rondo to Sacramento. First off this is a great deal for every team. Bibby provides that veteran Paul Pierce needs. Plus his clutchness would make it harder to defend Boston at the end of games. It also would help Boston from an outside shooting perspective since Bibby has rarely driven to the basket in recent years. Plus Boston gets a guy with only a MAXIMUM of TWO years left on his deal assuming he doesn't opt out. This deal would be done after Bibby doesn't opt out by whenever the exact deadline is (i forget). Here is that answer though.

50.  What are option clauses?  What kind of option clauses are there?

An option clause allows a contract to be extended for one additional season after the date it is scheduled to end.  For example, a five-year contract with an option for the sixth year means that if the option is exercised, then the contract extends through the sixth season, but if the option is not exercised, then the contract ends after the fifth season.  Options must be exercised by the July 1 that precedes the option year, except player options for players who would become restricted free agents, which must be exercised by June 25.  Once exercised, an option cannot be revoked (for example, a player cannot invoke an option on June 20th and change his mind on June 25th).  Conditional options are not allowed -- the existence of the option may not be contingent on some condition, such as the number of games the team wins or the points per game the player scores.

In otherwords legally this trade can't be completed until after july 1st. So this will have to be on hold. Since there is no draft picks though this is hardly a large concern for me.

As far as Utah and Sac are concerned Utah gets cap space in 2008 by shedding Kirilenko's contract for Ratliff. This will also make it much easier to give Deron Williams that extension he is almost assuredly getting. Sacramento gets a much better PF and a young PG for Bibby. The only negative here is that Kirilenko is expensive at 61 million for 4 more years. Is it worth it? I think so only because if you draft a young PF it makes Kirilenko expendable in 2 years. Unless Kirilenko blows up all star like and then you have a problem of a much better kind. You have too many good players. With Kirilenko's long injury history I think the Kings have to roll the dice here and hope he can play 70 games.

Ray Allen to Orlando for Pat Garrity 2 future 1st (2008/2009) and the rights to Fran Vasquez(2005 1st round pick,11th overall). No reason for Seattle to do this unless they think there is better value. Instance cap space plus 2 future 1st's and a guy they may or may not want in Vasquez. It throws the Magic a bone and let's that scenario move toward the Sonics. Frankly it would save the Sonics money plus give them a true blue chance (along with letting Rashard Lewis walk for nothing which they should do) to rebuild the team from the ground up with Presti as I noted earlier today
in another diary
. This is a deal that should get done for the sake of that Ray Allen was re-signed to the current deal by Howard Schultz, the previous dork of an owner to Clay Bennett, and that Presti might want to rebuild around that 2nd pick. Factor in a real chance to get a very good player in that 1st pick of the 2nd round and the idea that Seattle can't get better quickly by going young and cheap is just outdated. You can want talent for your star guys but at some point there is a reason you're not winning. I try to blame the front office/coaching/stars for that problem not the role players. Seattle has 2 stars, whom both were hurt during the season constantly ,and may continue to get hurt, meaning that moving both makes alot of sense NOW. The cost of moving both is something they can afford getting Kevin Durant. Either way whether it's to rebuild the franchise the way Presti wants, or just to cut costs into moving in Oklahoma City (which would be utterly stupid but whatever) then it works from every angle. I would be very disappointed if Sam Presti didn't get a deal done trading Ray Allen after July 1st.

Trading Chris Wilcox to Cleveland, Eric Snow to Sacramento, Kenny Thomas to Seattle. I know what you guys are thinking but Wilcox has been a major pain in Seattle's side. If they want to move him and get a player who is capable of starting they would at least have an asset on the last year of his contract. Petrie must look into getting Snow onto this roster next season especially if Bibby is gone and all they have is Rondo/young PG and Douby. Trading Kenny Thomas would be the bonus of course.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim to Chicago for Chris Duhon: I don't see the Zach Randolph rumor to Chicago for alot of reason's. He isn't a Skiles player and he makes alot of money. On the other Rahim is more of a Skiles player, and at least he will do what he's asked by Skiles, plus he has a low post game that is relatively cheap. It doesn't cost the Bulls much down the road and moving him would be much easier than Randolph. The kings save money by trading for a year left on his deal in Duhon and get another backup PG out of it. Why not do it? Well keeping Reef here is just torture I think. Move the guy to a good young contending team and give him a real chance to shine. Why not Chicago?

Okay this is all the deal's I could come up with at this time. If you have any cba questions however please let me know (if you want me to answer them) whether you would like a short or long answer. It would help in any response I would give. Some of these things are not easy to explain so keep that in mind too. Otherwise, enjoy the prospect of some team taking on Kenny Thomas(potentially hehehehe).

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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