Kings Vs Grizz

Well, the Kings/Grizz game was the first one I have been to this season.  

I just had a few random thoughts...

-Hooters is a great place to start game day.  Wings, beer, hot chicks.  Unfortunately, we got left off the hot chicks level.  We got one who was qualified to work there, but with a mole the size of a south american cockroach on her face.  Its name was Edward.  It kept talking to me.  And then Edward got mad when I was too freaked out to respond.

-The people who work at the Kings game might be the rudest on the planet.  Everywhere I went, concessions, seats, you name it, someone was rude as hell.  Definately not what I was missing about going to Kings games.  

-The smart thing to do is to buy $10 dollar tickets, then sneak down.  Which we did.  And it was fine, until some yuppie showed up to the game midway through the THIRD QUARTER.  You know what, I like sitting up high anyways.  I got sick of hearing the guy next to me ask "How many baskets until they get a first down?"  and "How far away does he have to shoot it for it to be a home run?"

-Arco is dead for this reason:  Fairweather fans wont go because they are bad, and pricing has moved out the die-hards and people who actually know whats going on.  Dude, your not cool if you take a first date there, and explain "When he runs from that big white line to the other big white line, its icing!"  Trust me, I think she knew more about the game than you did buddy.  Go schedule another hair appointment.

-Ironically, I ended up in section 214.  At the very top, there was a guy wearing a Brad Miller jersey.  And when the Kings started making their comeback, he starting doing something like dancing, something like celebrating, and something like a full bodies dry heave.  Either way, I coulnd't tell if the guy was drunk or rode the short bus.  But he was definately fun.

-Security gueard at the top of section 214:  "Conley at the line? He'll make 'em.  This game is over."  Me:  "Wanna bet?  I'll take a rookie on the road in his third NBA game."  Guard:  "Ten Bucks?"  Me:  "That works."  Guess who's ten dollars richer?

-Nothing made me fell like a little kid again like seeing Cisco hit that three.  That rocked.

-Afterwards, at the House Party, Muff209 asked Koz if Napear's nickname is really peaches.  From the reaction we got, I can safely say that he is really called peaches.  

-The KHTK girls are not hot.  At all.  While we were down there talking to Koz, they kept saying "Yea, We work at the station, we're the KHTK girls, we know all these guys."  First, you dont really work.  You put on scimpy clothing and sell the one asset you have.  Second, your not really that hot.  I mean, really, you were the best Sac has to offer?  I like to rip Sac for various reasons (Traffic, idiot public officials, bad sports section in the main paper, massive urban decay) but that might be the best.  I dont know how many beers it would have taken to make them hot, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have had rent money.  

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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