Is going through the motions infectious? If so, what is the cure?

Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don't know and I don't care (Albert Einstein, CW McCall, Jimmy Buffet)

What has disturbed me these last few games is the lack of effort. The Kings are playing, but they are not competing. This malady has many names; TinMan Syndrome is the most popular, let’s add  Conviction Attrition Complex, Passive Paycheck Collection Disease, Complacency Acceptance Disorder. There is no coincidence that there is “aloof” in Maloof.

It is hard to lose. It strains the psyche and humbles the powerful. But being a loser is a state of mind. In addition to being a Sacramento Kings fan, I am an NBA fan. I watch and watch. What I see that is most glaringly absent in these current Kings is the belief they can win. It just isn’t there.  Is this team lacking. Of course. They lack talent, a superstar, a leader, and, I am sorry to say, a coach who can continue to motivate them. Maybe Coach Theus is lighting a fire underneath these guys but I smell burnt butt hair. There is stasis.  It isn’t working.

Look at the following teams and tell me you don’t see the same symptoms; Clippers, Warriors, Thunder, Wizards, Grizzlies, Timberwolves. All with losing records playing like losers. I have been watching the Miami Heat – they are 8-9. Dwayne Wade is carrying that team on his back. I have effort envy when I watch that team. I couldn't even tie shoelaces with these athletes but if I could play, I would want to be on that guys' team. That is why he is an MVP candidate. By the by, some of the winning teams are coasting, but they can afford to, the teams with something to prove need to prove they are something.

What to do:

-          I support Mikki Moore the professional who is playing and giving effort. But if they are playing him to make him trade bait, give it up. Sit him, use him off the bench.

-          Play Jason Thompson, Spencer Hawes. I am only the 17, 551st fan to say this, but I will add it to the list of suggestions. How bad are Sheldon Williams and Kenny Thomas that they have to wear termite proof sweatpants?

-          Work a rotation with the 3 BB’s (Beuno Beno, Bad Beno and Bobby Brown) at point guard to bring the Assist/TO ratio back to the NBA  standard. The number of turnovers in particular is shameful. This is a large reason games are lost.

-          Brad Miller is not trade-able this season but sit his ass down. In his lack of leadership SacBee articles, Howard-Cooper has quotes from Bobby Jackson which confirm that effort is not where it should be. Who do you think he means?

-          I am neither a Coach Theus fan or hater. He is a young coach – all teams have adversity – so no excuse there. The current system is not working. Provide change. We fans are easy to understand;  We are adults who follow a child like fantasy – give us something to fantasize about. Continue to share your frustration and disappointment with us publicly but throw some hope in the mix. If you want to be the coach next season start shaping your team of the future.

-          Start watching college basketball. Yes, it is still November and the lottery is in June.  There is no shame in admitting these Kings are not playoff bound.  We are addressing effort today as we look towards the future.

-          Yadda Yadda Yadda. A lot of words to read and write until we Kings fans have a team that will raise our hopes to that of recent teams past.  I advocate patience but I don’t follow my own advice.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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