Need PG from Draft

Okay I'm officially fed up with Beno Udrih, a poor man's Mike Bibby which a double insult.  The Spurs were right, he just is not an NBA starter.  He has the ability but not the intensity to bring energy and leadership to a team every night.  He's a matador, passive on both ends.  Looking toward the future, Petrie looks golden with twenty year olds getting better at each position:  5 - Hawes, 4 - JThomp, 3 - Donta, 2 - KMart, except 1; arguably the most important position given the amount of time spent handling the ball and starting the defense, especially in the post-hand check NBA, with the premium on quickness.  The Kings continue to struggle with a decent assist to turnover ratio as they have since CWebb blew out his knee and was leading the team in assists.  

Which brings us to the improving the position through the draft since Petrie was never able to pry away Aaron Brooks from Houston and we were one pick away from Jerryd Bayless slipping to us last year (happy with JT anyway.)  Given the likehood the Kings will draft high lottery, PG looks like the deepest position in decidedly weak 2009 draft:

1. Ricky Rubio - the 17 year old, Spanish Zac Efron from High School Musical lookalike who kept Spain in the gold medal game. High basketball IQ and showed the athleticism to play with the big boys.  Usually project as #1 overall along with Blake Griffin, so the Kings might be bad but not that bad!

2. Patrick Mills - St. Mary guard who played for Australia in the Olympics and broke the ankles of CP3 and Deron Williams repeatedly to the point where they had to get help.  Not a lights out shooter but could develop shot and use his quickness better to get to the rack and the line ala Tony Parker.

3. Jrue Holliday - UCLA, more of a scoring point but sick athleticism and willing defender who will only get that much better playing for defense nazi Ben Howland for a year

4. Brandon Jennings - too dumb to qualify for college (or smart enough to opt out of the Luke Olsen afraid to admit he's an alcoholic soap opera at Arizona) but good enough to play in Italy. loved the retro-Kid hightop fade during McDonalds All-American

5. Ty Lawson - UNC, short tubby but with burners, Petrie would never draft him because he can't shoot

6. Tyreke Evans - Memphis, no Derrick Rose but still athletic, shooting point

7. Eric Maynor - VCU, nice stroke with range and good athleticism

8. Tyrese Rice - Boston College, an undersized scorer who is just a baller, with range, reminds me of Nate Robinson.

9. Greivus Vasquez - Maryland, the 6'5'' big point guard isn't exceptionally quick but can fill it and uses him wingspan well.

10. Stephen Curry - Davidson, the darling of the tournament last year, might project as scoring point given his less than idea height but hyper quick release and quickness.

I'd like Mills or Maynor.  But most of all I'd like a real point to go with rest of the components that look to spark a very bright future.  Go Kings!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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