Bibby and Artest for Jason Kidd

With the Jason Kidd to Dallas trade all but dead due to Jerry Stackhouse's loose lips, here's a possibility where he goes to the Kings in a deal involving Mike Bibby and Ron Artest.

Bibby and Artest for Jason Kidd

Kings get:
PG Jason Kidd
PG Marcus Williams
C Sean Williams
C Jamaal Migloire
PF Malik Allen

Nets get:
PG Mike Bibby
SF Ron Artest
PG Beno Udrih
PF Kenny Thomas
SG Quincy Douby

In some ways this is what is known as a change of scenery trade. Bodies that don't fit in one place are shuffled to another team where maybe there is a better fit.

The Nets need to move Kidd. They may not want to part with Williams, but they do have newly acquired Swift and Josh Boone, and Artest could play power forward. He'd probably need to, since they have Richard Jefferson at SF.

The deal is also a swap of our two point guards for their two point guards. Udrih might be a little better, but a lot of people thought we should have drafted Marcus Williams when he came out in 2006. Instead, we took Douby, who is now deemed expendable, but could do better in New Jersey as the Brooklyn kid returns home.

Artest also gets to go back to New York, and he gives the Nets some toughness they may be lacking that could prove helpful in a playoff push. The players going to New Jersey also have a reason to play this season with the playoffs still a possibility.

Sean Williams would give us an athletic big down low who blocks shots. I'm not sure it totally solves our problems up front, but it's a start. Brad could play power forward.

Migloire and Allen are expiring contracts. Allen actually is not too bad of a player. He's also part of the Kidd deal to Dallas.

Kidd would give the Kings a true pass-first point guard. I'd imagine that would help Kevin Martin become a big-time scorer. There'd also be more shots for our other players. Salmons gets to start, where he plays better.

"Local boy" Kidd would also create some second-half excitement as the team continues to pursue an arena deal.

Naturally another key plus is we get rid of Kenny Thomas.

I am sure there are some angles I haven't thought of. Perhaps the biggest is that Jason Kidd probably doesn't want to come to Sacramento unless he feels they will make a stronger push to do what's necessary to bring the team a title.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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