A Pontificating soothsaying version of Bibby to the Hawks

Understand that after this if you feel flipped smacked and pissed off I understand. Just note I won't give a damn to begin with. As one poster on has on his avatar--attempting to give a damn--process failed--not able to give a damn--so there be it. This is kinda amusing to me. I started off and ended my workday listening to 2 Bill Wither songs. The 2nd song I think is best seen at the beginning.

My friends...
Feel its their appointed duty
They keep tryin' to tell me
All ya want to do is use me
Ahhuh but my answer! Ahuh
They know all that use me stuff

Yes, I wanna spread the news
That if it feels this good gettin' used
Oh ya just keep on usin me
Until ya use me up
Until ya use me up

Okay you might get the point, but I've seen a bevy of opinions from "they didn't get enough" to "this is what it is."

General Reaction from parts of StR

Via the worthy scribe Section214:

Of course

Atlanta "wins" this trade. It's Bibby for nothing, right?

But the "experts" fail to delve into the fact that the Kings extricated themselves from a fat contract, which was crucial heading into next year.

The "experts" also failed to mention that the Kings have Williams for one year (after this one). They have the option to give him a 2nd year, and they can make a qualifying offer the following year. So if he does not work out he costs us $3.2 million next year. If he does work out we can keep him around.

A word about Williams. When he was drafted a lot of people saw Brand and Boozer in this Duke product. If the Hawks took him too high at #5 so be it, but he probably would have been gone before #10. He's 24 years old.

And these are the same "experts" that have been saying that the Kings need to get on with the rebuilding process.

Yes, Atlanta got the better player, and the $14 million dollar or so contract to go along with him.

The Kings got rid of a bloated contract, and if they're lucky maybe they picked up a player, too.

This is partly my point. However let me start at the beginning. And pontificate until I get beat down by long winded gasbag's everywhere.

First off was the trade a mistake? No of course not. It can't be a mistake. Not when you gain 11 million dollars in cap room, and simultaneously managed to pay Kevin Martin AND Shelden Williams LESS what you would have payed Bibby next season. You want more? Josh Smith? Psssssshaw. Suckaz want big men with tons of upside and 50 million contracts looming in the off-season. Smart people want young cheap bigs with upside on a limited scale. In otherwords given what the Kings needs are, and where they play, which is precisely where the Hawks don't, that and they won't see the Knicks 4 times a year too, is a reason why Josh Smith doesn't make alot of sense. He's a tweener. He's not a natural 4, and whether he makes the full commitment to the position or not is besides the point. The fact that the Kings needed to dump salary just to avoid luxury tax is a sad state of affairs but nonetheless true. It's what happens when you decide to rebuild. You give a veteran his ticket out of town while he's super expensive, and you take a slightly diminished return to accomplish it. This isn't trading gold to 285 countries on a daily basis with ground service from brown (what can brown do for you except ruin packages and take your money while laughing all the way to the bank?) folks. This is the NBA trade market where you have 29 other teams, and for a certain player that's on the market, with perhaps 5 teams that will make a strong move at taking your player. Amongst those 5 teams there are probably 3 seriously in the mix, and 2 without the necessary assets to finalize a deal. Getting the point yet? It's hard to trade players.

I'm going to throw out a conspiracy theory now. Just imagine the Kings trade Bibby to Cleveland for Drew Gooden and Eric Snow. Think that trade is worth a damn? What if Petrie, and/or the Maloof's rejected this because they tried to make it work with this team for this season. (Uh, wait. I won't go there.) I think the reality of this proves that Petrie/Maloof's got past whatever held up the Bibby deal's in the past. Be thankful for that (I am). I hope it bodes well for deals in the next week.

Now you're going to have accept this or don't; Atlanta was the best trade market because the Hawks had this working in their favor:

  1. expendable cheap expiring fringe talent available to trade for a player like Bibby
  2. were in the playoff hunt (as much as a 21-28 team could be)
  3. had a player like Shelden Williams that was doing them nothing to begin with and could see a turnaround in Sac--as Sekou Smith of the AJC notes-- Williams was robbed at a barber shop in Atlanta, not exactly an endearing moment, that could see a change of city be EVERYTHING the doctor ordered
My shot at a shameless plug-in--and pseudo attempt at soothsayerish type stuff

About two months ago I wrote Atlanta made more sense than anyone else on the Bibby trade circuit whirl. I nailed some of the broad outline (and players--I had Wright and Lue), but JJHam pointed out in that thread that the Kings would be not well served by taking Claxton back. Well duh, but of course I mentioned getting a 1st round pick. I agree with JJ upon further notice. So when people who think Atlanta was someplace conjured up out of thin air there were several reasons:

  1. Joe Johnson is an above average ball handler who needs the strain of being the only backcourt scorer on the Hawks lifted
  2. Bibby needs shots which gives the Hawks more scoring options
  3. Bibby is also a better player in the open court which tends to see a raise in his overall game
  4. He has history with Billy Knight--who was part of the team that drafted him, and the guy who traded him to Sac in 2001, (the same draft that saw the Grizz take Battier & Gasol--that Billy Knight what an idiot eh?)
From Otis, Smg Matt, and JJ again. A rather thoughtful conversation on all the guts & glory doing a deal like this.

Disclaimer: If you want to read the full text of what was said click on the link where all 3 individuals are highlighted. It has the full text there. I don't want to misquote anyone. I also don't feel like making this any longer than it has to.

From Otis:

I'm not down with the proposed trade, as I don't really see the benefits to our roster now or down the road. But I do agree with pookey that Bibby is way overvalued by most everyone on this site. We aren't going to get a lottery pick or a young frontcourt stud for him, we just aren't. He's a one-dimensional player, and that dimension has been rather shitty the last two seasons.

From Smg Matt:

So by keeping Bibby until next year, you're put in a PT pickle with Theus (regarding Beno):
(A) If you believe that Beno is the future PG of this team, then needs to play with your first unit, &
(B) If Bibby is just PLAYING better than Beno, Theus has to go with the hot hand, right?

Otis again (after a JJ rebuttal):

So you didn't answer the Beno question.  Do you think that hanging onto Bibby back prevents us from signing Beno in the offseason?  If so, is that acceptable?


No, the mid-level exemption is available. If someone wants to pay Beno more, there is nothing the Kings could do either way. The Maloofs are going to have a difficult time staying under the threshold, especially if they keep Artest. Signing these marginal mid-level guys has finally caught up to them.

I expect that Bibby will be dealt either in Feb. or during the off-season. Paying the luxury tax on a 30 win team is pretty irresponsible but giving away a commodity for free is too. I also believe that Reggie Theus should be given every opportunity to succeed and as of right now Mike Bibby and Beno Udrih are both on the roster and the Kings are under the threshold. Let this thing play out, worse case scenario the Kings get a draft pick in return during the summer or Mike opts out and his salary goes away.

I only included this long segment because it's alot of good stuff, but keep in mind this was all tossed around on DECEMBER 10TH. Noone sounded shocked by Atlanta as a trade destination, but as you can see the risk/reward factors in all arguments. Where and what do you place value on? (Otis Smg and JJ thank you for arguing things well.)

Now let me just say a couple other things. This isn't about equal value. It's about proper value in the context of what this team needs moving forward. This team got 3 expiring contracts wrapped up with a big man who was underwhelming after being picked too high. Guess what? The Kings CANT lose here. They just simply can't. You don't lose where you trade a player who has no more value to this team any longer. Mike Bibby quotes in theMarty Mac story today didn't sound like a guy upset to be leaving. He sounded like a guy trying to be thoughtful to not leave town on the "hAhA suckaz" tip.

"I had some good times here in Sacramento," said Bibby, one of the league's better clutch shooters. "Sometimes you need a change, and you never know where that might take you. I just prayed and asked for what might be the best for my family, and this is what happened, so you can't question it. Yeah he's realy upset. Sure, he's upset in the same exact way I'm upset "POP" broke up.

Where the media chime in to make their (mostly) clueless voices heard

First off let me give a hat tip to Coolcat for posting all these links. Let me also point out that this is where I stick a dagger in those worthless punks, aka press pass stuck in those hatband types, backs for good!

(Side Note: David Stern is a punk and I hate his ass.) From Howard Beck of the NY Times:

HAWKS ACQUIRE BIBBY While a proposed blockbuster trade that would send the Nets' Jason Kidd to Dallas remains in limbo, another veteran point guard will change cities.

Mike Bibby has been shipped to Atlanta from Sacramento for a package of role players, the teams announced. The Kings receive salary-cap relief in the expiring contracts of Anthony Johnson, Tyronn Lue and Lorenzen Wright. They also acquire the Hawks' first-round pick Shelden Williams, and a second-round pick in the June draft.

The deal aids the Kings' rebuilding effort. The Hawks, currently ninth in the Eastern Conference, strengthened their bid for a playoff spot.

So glad you cleared that up Howard. I'm just pointing out that if Beck can see this from 3000 miles away so should more Kings fans.

Scott Howard Cooper says blah blah blah, Ron Artest is crazy, blah blah blah and all the hoopla of the trade deadline might make a team scared enough to meet Petrie's demands for Artest. As I said Blah Blah Blah. I hate conjecture of this note from a "respected" journalist. It'd be alot more respectful to everyone if he just said,"It would be really cool for my job to finally see havoc so I have something to say without upsetting anyone."

Thankfully Sam Amick is a beacon of light. Otherwise I'd tear my hair out and say sports opinion on the Bee is like news coverage. (It doesn't exist. Yes, that's the joke.) This is from Sam though (the clip that most intrigues me I suppose):

Yet Lue might not be long for Sacramento, as he has been pursued by Phoenix and Boston and could be used in any subsequent deals before Thursday's trade deadline. On that front, sources close to Denver said talks between the Kings and Nuggets about Ron Artest have recently restarted. The elements of a potential deal appear to be the same, with the Kings holding out for third-year small forward Linas Kleiza and likely requiring forward Eduardo Najera and his expiring contract. Keeping Lue? Huh? Has Petrie fallen off his rocker that I thought was safely tucked away for awhile? Cut the fool. Let him sign with whoever. And be done with it. Take the CAP ROOM. Only Petrie would try to turn a 2 of clubs into a 3 of clubs and think it matters. (That makes him brilliant at executing trades. It also makes me want to bash his brain in with a spoon.)

Charley Rosen thinks the Kings got screwed. Good. Uncle Charlie can blow himself until the glass pane becomes frostier the snowman. Then he can go back to smoking crack, which is in all probability his most enjoyable leisure activity in the world.

(In short Uncle Charlie says that the Hawks, because of their rampant athleticism, is a perfect fit for Bibby because of the way he tends to move and do things deliberately. I could have told you that for free. In fact I just did.

In case you were wondering: That's what Uncle Charlie was trying to tell you. He can't help the fact that his columns look like the word version of the rubik's cube. Crackhead's aren't coherent after at least 3 hits. Didn't New Jack City teach y'all anything?)

Shelden Williams tries to be a bully in the paint, but doesn't fool anybody -- especially the referees. Even though he was a lottery pick (fifth overall) in the 2006 draft, he's never proved that he can play in the league. Despite the fact that his contract runs through the 2008-09 season, Williams is strictly roster-fill.

With four new players to deal with, the Kings have some roster-shuffling to accomplish, too. Could the banishment of Ron Artest be next on their agenda?

Overall, the Kings gain a potential keeper in Lue. With both Lue and Beno Udrih in the mix, Johnson might be demoted to a semi-permanent seat on the bench -- a possibility that could easily transform him from a good guy into a malcontent. There's no future in Sacramento, and most likely anywhere else, for Williams and Wright.

Uncle Charlie is an bitter old man whose upset his coaching years are beyond him/crackhead idiot. Why do the Kings need Johnson or Lue? Or Wright? What does it matter what their futures are? They're expiring contracts that allow the Kings to dump Bibby's salary at a worthwhile price. Williams and the 2nd round pick are the actual "value" (assuming you wish to call it such) of this deal. Well that and the Kings were going to pay luxury tax if they do sign & trades for anybody next offseason. Duh you think this had anything to do with money? Which is why my quote a few paragraphs ago about Petrie "exploring" trade options for the Hawk a Kings is stupid. Just cut those guys already and be done with it.

From our favorite female writer:

While hardly exciting, the trade figures to benefit the Kings in a number of ways: Backup point guard Beno Udrih can audition as the starting point guard for the remainder of the season, with his performance largely dictating whether the Kings re-sign him this summer and at what price. The expiring contracts of Lue, Wright and Johnson offer the potential for an $11 million reduction in team payroll during the offseason, greatly enhancing cap flexibility. The addition of a second-round pick affords another opportunity for Petrie to pluck another productive player. I'm not perfect, I make a ton of mistakes, and proof of this is if you pay any kind of attention to anything I write on here some days, but that being said the contracts of Johnson, Lue and Wright don't add up to 11 million in cap space. They add up to about 9.5 million in cap space. The difference is made up by Shelden Williams and the fact that the Hawks took on more salary taking Bibby. So really it's Johnson, Lue, Wright and difference in salary for Bibby that actually ends up being the 11 million in salary. (A minor point, but anybody who thinks 1.5 million doesn't make a difference is lying their yokel ass off.)

I hate print copy sometimes. While I respect that this form of media gives assholes like me the chance to pick them apart; it's just gotten so boring for me. For example:

"This is just part of the continuing move in a new direction, if you want to take something from the political arena," said Petrie, making no attempt to oversell the deal. "We get a chance to acquire the fifth pick in the draft, add another frontcourt player, a couple of experienced backcourt vets, and see how we integrate this year, and then go from there."

In other words, this latest move was dictated by a desire for cap flexibility, with the Hawks offering the best value for Petrie's 10th-year point guard. Petrie also acknowledged ongoing talks as the Thursday trade deadline approaches, though neglecting to discuss Ron Artest specifically, and added, "There is nothing on the table now with any real heat to it. This (Bibby trade) really got hot the last few days."

Anthony Johnson? Really he's got something to give? Geez. (Could this have anything to do with the fact that the Kings are trying to get everybody to shutup. I'm not sure if I love the fact that this "heated" up over the last few days or not. I've heard this before. Geoff Petrie and Mike Bibby should have a boring quoteable contest. I'm sure it would end somewhere about the time when the end of the world does.) So Petrie makes his usual boring quotes (that's insulting to boring but I have no other adjective handy) and goes from there. In 5 days (or they should anyway) the Kings will release these guys. And you know what? Whoopee friggin dooo!

Then there's the Danny Ferry arse kisser aka Marc Stein

After all this you have Marc Stein. I like Stein sometimes, and wonder about him in others. This quote falls under others:

Neither Bibby nor new backcourt mate Joe Johnson is a true set-up man, but you have to like the idea of putting them together with Knight's two successes in the draft: Josh Smith and Al Horford. Especially as Bibby is moving to the land of opportunity known as the Leastern Conference ... and especially given Atlanta's glaring lack of a vet who has had some playoff success. And as a bonus that had to appeal to those cost-conscious owners, Bibby is under contract only through next season, in case it doesn't work.

Petrie's motivations are understandable, too, even if I (like the first few GMs I spoke to Saturday) expected Bibby to fetch more in return.

Umm, what few GM's thought Bibby had the kind of talent wanting to make any team take on Kenny Thomas? It's understandable with Ron Artest. One, he's a better player, and two, he makes half of what Bibby does this year. In otherwords you take our goods, and crap, and pay for the total lot. That wasn't the case with Bibby. This was the best deal Petrie had on the table. Unless I've become naive about this process, and I doubt that highly at this point, there wasn't a better outcome for this in Geoff Petrie's repetoire. While everyone ELSE is focused on the "low" return, he can focus to the far more pressing matter of trading Artest. Because whether Bibby should have been here or not, and his time had come & gone as it had Stojakovic, and Webber before him, that is no longer the issue. The trade's done. It's over with. And it helps the Kings. I will deal with the GM's comments about this "value" being low after quoting these next couple paragraph's. It's the Hawks -- widely assumed to be paralyzed by their dysfunctional ownership situation when it comes to making major moves -- who wound up getting Mike Bibby after LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers chased Bibby for more than a year.

Or my personal favorite:

Atlanta made this score without having to take back the contract of Sacramento forward Kenny Thomas, which we've heard for weeks on the GM grapevine would be a condition the Kings insisted upon if they were to trade Bibby or Ron Artest before Thursday's trade deadline. (Thomas has two seasons left on his deal after this season at just over $17 million total.) In case you aren't taking notes this is why I'm not interested in journalism. The whole article is designed at one, making Danny Ferry not feel like the hooker who has guys getting on & off her every 15 mins while being slapped with plastic underwear and chains in the 5 minute waiting time before the next guy comes in, and two, making Billy Knight look totally as incompetent as possible because he passed up guys who went 4th & 6th in the draft respectively. It'd be one thing if Stein was stating some kind of neutral fact; but the reality is Bibby is probably only worth more than half than the PG's in the NBA on talent alone. In terms of contract where does he go on that list? And then what do teams have to give up for him?

In otherwords this is about Stein's licking Danny Ferry's balls to keep feeding him inside info "off the record." This isn't new. Donnie Walsh supposedly does it with Peter Vescey (it's a New York thing--don't ask--ask Cornrows for more details--it's his theory not mine). That being said why do I have to read this crap from a guy who should know better. There's no reason to say Bibby wanted to say there. Bibby is a guy who in Stein's own words gives boring interviews. Why would Bibby go the Artest route? He's not crazy. He wanted OUT. People who want out in the NBA don't shoot their mouth off about getting something done (Jason Kidd take notes). They stay quiet and say all the stupid boring things while quietly celebrating. That's what gets you the least amount of crap in the long-run. Boring? Yes, absolutely. Intelligent when you don't like giving anything but boring answers to begin with? Absolutely.

The Bibby nut licking department

 I can't blame Sekou Smith for being excited. He's actually got a chance at covering the Hawks again. That's gotta be pretty fun for a guy who keeps hearing from those "around" the game constantly pointing out franchise failure and little to no interest locally, or, if you prefer crappy metaphor's (pun intended), how the Atlanta Hawks are the basketball equivalent of the ring in the toilet bowl.

NEW ORLEANS - You've had your fun here over the years lumping up Billy Knight's dome for not drafting this guy and not making that trade, criticisms Knight has never once complained about to me or anyone else that I know of.

He's Hammer tonight, though, "can't touch this."

Because he pulled off the deal of deals for Mike Bibby, swapping him for three expiring contracts (Tyronn Lue, Anthony Johnson and Lorenzen Wright), Shelden Williams and a second round draft pick.

In essence, Knight just traded Shelden Williams (who absolutely had no future with the Hawks with Josh Smith and Al Horford already set as two of the league's best young big men) for one of the league's top 10 point guards (and yes, I already went through the list).

Uh, where do I sign?

You see I agree with Smith on most of the things here, except for the top 10 PG in the league. That's a matter of debate, and one I don't wish to argue. I don't think it's that simple, and one could make that argument easily. I would like to point out that the Kings AND Hawks made out like bandits. To boot it makes Geoff Petrie and BILLY KNIGHT look good. It's hard to accomplish that in one trade. There isn't 2 happier groups of fan bases by swapping players after a trade. Once again it proves if nothing else, everyday teaches you something new. To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement. I'm fucking flabbergasted that Knight gave up Williams so easily, and truth be told, whether I was wrong, and I oh so clearly was, was that Knight did give Williams willingly up as part of the swap. I'm even more pleased Petrie didn't hold out for any more. It's not good riddance to Mike, but it's more like thank you for the time. Good Luck. I'll watch you in the playoffs if you get there and hope you do well. Again, thanks for the memories. The Hawks were ready to deal. More importantly, Knight was ready to make deals. When he pulled me aside weeks ago (at practice in Seattle during the first West Coast trip) and told me I was on the money in a previous blog where I suspected the Hawks were actively pursuing a smashing trade because they were curiously absent from the rumor mill, I knew something was afoot.

But I honestly had no idea he was talking about a move this startling (you have to understand that Cleveland has been after Bibby for almost two years now, believing that he's the perfect fit with their All-Star, LeBron James).

In terms of fit I would rather dare say that he fits far better in Hotlanta than he would in Cleveland. Sure LeBron is great, well with the exception that his Nike contracts are dwindling, but he doesn't exactly play on a team where his owners are cheap. Because he doesn't, and precisely for that reason the Hawks were a perfect fit for Bibby, or one of the quite a few reasons anyway, then what you have is a little bit lucky and a little bit smart. The smart part was saying "yes." The lucky part was not wondering what the catch was. Bibby will perform better in Hotlanta for several reasons:
  1. Atlanta has several players who can actually jump when attempting to rebound
  2. Atlanta, along with those several players who perform the mighty task of jumping while clearing glass, also has several supremely athletic talented defenders helping making Bibby's offensive exploits stick out more
  3. Hotlanta is a running team which is where Bibby's best passing comes into play
  4. Bibby, Team Dime and Hotlanta are going to be a fun mix & match group to watch---team dime getting into a shootout in Hotlanta over not being the nastiest crew anywhere--the NBA--It's fantastic!!!
I'll let Smith finish it off: They needed a leader, a guy that would come in and take control of this team and alleviate the pressure on JJ, allowing him to play his game and face fewer gimmick defense designed to stop him.

They got what they needed in Bibby.

And they got him for next to nothing, thanks to the GM you love to hate.

Actually they got him, because our GM, who I've often believed is too patient, and too out of sorts and high on his notion of value, got himself into trouble by signing guys to Mid-Level deals that didn't really warrant it. Rahim is a matter of opinion; I understood it and didn't protest too mightily (nor do I feel the need to now) at the time. Moore is another matter. I don't think anyone with a brain that couldn't see that writing on the wall. Regardless of whom was behind Moore's signing, it forced Petrie to dump Bibby for salary cap reasons by the trade deadline. I'm glad it did, because had Moore not signed, and who knows about this, but my gut is that Petrie would have held out for higher value, and that would have been the worst mistake. Timing is a matter of function and place. The Hawks had great timing, and it works out equally well for the Kings too.

So what does this all mean? Hmmmm.

I think it means several things. For the Maloof's they gave up on the guy being productive with this group. I think it also means that he doesn't sell the Kings the way they might have believed at the beginning of the season. The fans aren't any more in love with Bibby than anything else on this team. I'm not sure what the general mood is around the EC is these days (I'm not listening to the Rise Guys to find out what's going on in Lincoln), but I know this team isn't anything to drool over. I think it also means that they may insist on holding onto Brad Miller. Geoff Petrie might agree with that. Rather than insisting Kenny Thomas go anywhere (and kill any reasonable imminent deal for Artest in the process), I'd rather see Brad go to a team like Detroit and make an impact there. Trade the guy for cap room. He's like Bibby in that his contract is too bloated to necessarily justify the cost if he wasn't having such a revolutionary season. And I understand the point. Give Spencer Hawes times to grow into those shoes. Or some such. Or you could trade Brad for cap room now, and play Mikki out of position until Hawes is ready. Just a thought. What are the Kings going to lose? Aesthetics? For a 35 win team? Pssshhawwww.


I think the end result comes down to expectation. Whether you like this trade or not, or think the value was too low, whichever part of not liking the move you choose to focus on, it was a clearly necessary one. This team had no flexibility and Bibby was a large reason why. It's true that he's not the only reason why (insert Kenny Thomas dog pound joke here), but he was a player who still had "some" value on the market. Geoff Petrie tapped that market. He did it well, surprising me, and where I'm most surprised I suppose is that most GM's (which I highly doubt but whatever--a few GM's may think that--would Kevin Pritchard trade Brandon Roy for Mike Bibby?) think Petrie got low-balled. I think Petrie sold for an acceptable price, and the right price for this team at this time, that makes the Kings players in the 2009 FA market if they choose. Maybe that's not needed. Maybe it's not a big deal. Maybe they draft Michael Beasley and is such a stud they decide to save the cap space (and mostly money) while waiting for David Stern, whose given up on Seattle "officially", while not giving up on New Orleans, despite someone pointing out that there was less interest and people in Nawlinz for the All-Star game, to buy a new arena using state funds at Cal Expo. Maybe in the end none of this even matters as the City & County govt's of the rotten tomato find a way to add another billion onto the Maloof's tally of personal fortune. Maybe the Bibby trade has bigger impacts, than just the salary impact, or the fact that the Hawks got him at an acceptable price for THEM, a notoriously cheap team, or even that "some" GM's thought the Kings got low-balled. How about Beno Udrih and Quincy Douby are 25 and 22 respectively. They need time and space to do their thing. Without Bibby around their opportunities weren't as easy for Reggie Theus to give. Now it's up to both (particularly Douby) to take advantage of the time that is there to be had. So while the trade makes every bit of sense for the Hawks, and it very much does from any conceivable angle, and I wouldn't be shocked to see a hidden angle emerge in a month as well, I could also easily see Bibby average 20 (pts) & 6 (ast's) for the Hawks over the next 33 games, despite what anybody says about him being dependent on Brad Miller for shots (that would be Kevin Martin suckers), it makes every bit MORE of sense for the Kings, the same team that took 3 journeyman players (including 1 they drafted 11 years ago) in return for this high end player of Bibby's caliber, and a young disappointment of the Hawks coupled with a middle to low 2nd round pick that usually doesn't net any serious players, and watch everyone go WHOA!. How did this happen? You aren't supposed to trade top flight PG's still capable of dropping 20 PPG. Well, you do when he isn't capable of fitting in more than 1 or 2 types of offensive systems and gets run over more than Wily E Coyote. This is the stuff dreams are made of. You heard it here first minions.

When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind

Then I look at you
And the world's alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it's gonna be
A lovely day
... lovely day, lovely day, lovely day ...
... lovely day, lovely day, lovely day ..

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