Trade Deadline Winner/Losers

Rather than lamenting on how Petrie absolutely, and completely, fucked up, or what was actually out there, I'd rather look at the rest of the league and offer a short blurb on the Kings too I suppose.

Winners: Jeff Bower (Nawlinz GM), Danny Ferry (Cavs GM), Sam Presti (Sonics GM), Pat Riley, Mitch Kupchak, Billy Knight (somebody said something nice for him--that counts as a victory) and Shaquille O'neal is the only player I'm going to include in this column.

Losers: Geoff Petrie, Daryl Morey (Rockets GM), Isiah Thomas (well he's always a loser), Elgin Baylor, John Paxson and perhaps to an extent Chris Mullin.

Teams who did little or nothing and didn't really have to

Boston Celtics: They don't need anything but good health.

Charlotte Bobcats: They already made their big move acquiring Nazr Mohammed. I kinda figured they wouldn't bother jumping in this fray.

Detroit Pistons: It hasn't made much news, but the Pistons managed to acquire Juan Dixon for Primoz Brezec. Not a bad deal for Detroit if Dixon shoots as well as he did for Maryland.

Dallas Mavericks: We already know what happened with Kidd. Let's just leave it at that. I think the Mavericks believed a shakeup was necessary, and along with a player who added passing, and they went for it. I'm 50-50 on whether the Mavs are losers. After the season will tell the tale on that one.

San Antonio Spurs: I'm not really convinced Kurt Thomas will help them. We'll see though. This trade will be judged in May and June. If it gets that far.

Indiana Pacers: Had no real opportunity to do anything. But they would probably salivate at the opportunity to dump JO & Tins' salaries at this point.

Philadelphia 76ers: They had no real opportunity to enter the market and they demanded alot in return for Andre Miller. They wanted to rebuild their team the way they chose. Nobody aided them.

Washington Bullets: Who were they going to trade and for what?

Memphis Grizzlies: They already traded Gasol. Apparently they changed their mind on completing the fire sale until after the season. I'm still a tad surprised Kyle Lowery is on the roster though.

Minnesota: They traded Gerald Green for Kirk Snyder, a 2010 2nd round pick and "cash considerations". In other words they like Corey Brewer alot and don't want to tempt their moron in a suit (Randy Wittman) to play him more than Brewer. It's a minor trade that may speed up Brewer's development.

Portland Trail Blazers: They traded Taurean Green for Von Wafer.

Phoenix Suns: They didn't make another move. I'll write a short synopsis about Shaq in the winners column. Unless they sign Lue, which is a possibility assuming Petrie makes an intelligent decision releasing Lue or Johnson, then I could see them claim Lue off waivers. Other that than I don't see much going down.

Miami Heat: I'll write about Pat Riley in the "winners" column. Otherwise you could say ditto as far as making moves as I did about Phx.

New Jersey Nets: I think Rod Thorn is a loser, and an overrated GM who has gotten by on 23 moves his career: drafting Michael Jordan, trading for/away Jason Kidd. This is the same moron who signed Vince Carter to a 60 million contract, and now wants desperately to be rid of him. Anyway I think Thorn got lucky, but it won't change the fact that he's a douchebag as a GM for the most part.

Orlando Magic: I'm not sure Orlando had a move. If they did it was a minor one.

New York Knicks: The only way they could improve their team is by dumping everyone minus David Lee, Renaldo Balkman, Jamal Crawford, and Wilson Chandler. Isiah Thomas is the perpetual GM loser though.

I really blew it over the summer with my retarded moves and am making deals to recover at the trade deadline category

John Paxson and the Chicago Bulls: First off they take off some of Danny Ferry's rubbish. Then they add another un-desirable player in Larry Hughes. Next they move Joe Smith (a move I understand ironically) who represents the one GOOD move by the Bulls in the offseason. I just don't get why Paxson helped the Cavs get better. Maybe he's just that dis-enfranchised with Ben Wallace. Which is entirely possible. Maybe this helps the Bulls. But I highly doubt it.

From Chris Broussard:

Chicago: While Gooden's not a great low-post scorer, he's the best the Bulls have had there since Eddy Curry left, so I think that's a good get for the Bulls.

I assume the acquisition of Hughes means they don't expect to re-sign Ben Gordon. They were shopping him anyway, so it looks like his days in Chicago may be numbered.

The question is whether Hughes is better than Thabo Sefolosha, who's averaged 13 points and 7 boards this month.

Hughes may be better in Chicago than he was in Cleveland if the Bulls can consistently play up-tempo, but if they can't, they'll regret bringing him in. If he couldn't knock down the open looks LeBron got him, I don't expect him to turn into an All-Star playing off Kirk Hinrich.

Word is the Bulls players are upset about losing Big Ben. While he wasn't the force he had been in Detroit, he was the club's enforcer and a well-liked guy in the locker room.

This shakeup will give Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah more minutes, but overall, the Bulls seem to be running in place.

He's a Cavs fan as is. (Which explains his LBJ ball licking.) Anyway the point is he stretched a point to say that the Cavs traded every expendable player they had and netted them every kind of talent. I see why the Bulls did this though: It gives Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah more time in the rotation. So this trade, while not tremendous by nature for the Bulls, may be addition by subtraction. For what it's worth players don't always know best. That's why Lebron can demand for Jason Kidd, despite the fact that there was no way for the Nets to take on Larry Hughes to get the deal done.

Bottom Line? This deal stinks, but it has an evident silver lining of internal improvement assuming Jim Boylan doesn't screw it up.

The "Losers"

Elgin Baylor, MDsr, and the LA Clippers: Supposedly they wanted to shop Cassell for a pick or something. That didn't happen. They need to shake up their team and they just won't do it. Being a Clipper fan has to be supremely frustrating.

Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets: If this sounds like sour grapes because of Petrie then so be it. It isn't though. I think Morey screwed up not trading for Artest. One thing the Rockets don't have is another plus defender when McGrady isn't motivated on that end of the court. A matchup with the Mavericks, for example, could prove bothersome without a 2some to handle Kidd/Nowitzki. I'm sure many remember 2005 when T-Mac handled Nowitzki for the bulk of that 1st round series, and then when it counted the Mavs figured out a way around that. Well, now I don't think the Rockets have an answer for either guy. I also think they don't have an answer for Parker, or Ginobili either, and that could provide a looming problem for Houston if they make the playoffs (a strong possibility yes?). Furthermore, they needed a guy who could provide Yao, and McGrady relief in the scoring department. I'm a fan of Artest's talent, but I'm not a fan of his mental approach to the game. I think Adelman is a guy who see's the best in Ron and could find a way to maximize that talent into something useful for a half season. If that cost the Rockets Aaron Brooks, who I'm sure is talented, then so be it. And if that was too steep a price for what the Rockets could have offered (Brooks, Luis Scola, and Kirk Snyder--who went to the Wolves in the deal for Gerald Green) I really wonder what Morey is thinking long term for this team. Even though he accomplished a fairly astute trade moving Bonzi Wells/Mike James for Bobby Jackson, which saved the Rockets roughly a year of salary for James, it still doesn't make sense to make a run for a title this year with San Antonio showing weakness, Dallas making a desperate trade along with Phoenix, and the apparently strongest team (Lakers) has 2 important cogs out at the moment. In otherwords there's no guarantee's, and the Rockets are good enough to go all the way. If I was a Rockets fan I would rather the Rockets swing for the fences at a ring this season and miss, than have 40 win seasons because keeping Scola and Brooks made sense financially. Whoever put the kibosh on this deal, and it might have been Rick Adelman, everybody in the Rockets brain trust made a large mistake. A very large mistake.

Denver Nuggets: I think they're non-acquisition of  Ron Artest will hurt them in the Carmelo Anthony department. If this team doesn't have any future as far as Melo is concerned, a possibility he may decide, especially after a full month of watching some of the most un-tradeable players (including the fat dipshit) be traded, he may come to believe Denver is not a place he wants to stick around long term. I don't blame him for wanting Artest, but then again I don't think Artest would have had the same impact in Denver that he would have had in Houston. I think the "potential" fall-out from AI/Melo is the important note in all of this.

Chris Mullin and the Golden State Warriors: I don't think they were necessarily a lock to do anything, but Artest would have fit in there at least as well as he would in Denver. I could understand Mullin's reluctance to deal for Artest, but why not take a look at Eddy Curry? Or what about Kyle Lowery? I don't really understand why there wasn't any real exploration of things beyond the cursory stage. I don't think Mullin made a giant mistake not trading anyone, but I don't think he helped the Warriors stay in contention either.

Geoff Petrie: I've already said it here.

The Winners

Jeff Bower of the New Orleans Hornets: Meanwhile all the hoopla is surrounding the All-Star game and it's aftermath, he got a wortwhile backup to Chris Paul, for the low price of Bobby Jackson, and got Bonzi Wells for the rest of the season. He didn't necessarily wow anyone with acquiring James, but agreeing to James extra year for the contract and taking Wells could easily be those low risk/high reward type deals. In other words you have a GM who added to his team without subtracting from it. That's what smart contenders do. Unlike say RC Buford (which is why he isn't a winner) who added Kurt Thomas out of need, Bower added a player for minimal cost over the long term that gives potential benefit to the team in several ways. Every GM loves to do that.

Shaquille O'Neal: He gets a chance at not being totally remembered for being a significant reason why the team was on a downslide (his stupid contract). He gets a chance to make good by helping Nash win another ring (doubt it but whatever). Plus Phoenix is happy to have him. That usually gives his ego a chance to make his fat ass attempt to move faster.

Pat Riley: Like the fat tub of lard above, he got a chance to extricate himself and get a pretty good player in return. Just because he took Marcus Banks (which please hell out of Suns GM Steve Kerr) then that's hardly a major deal. Banks is a better fit for anything Riley wants to run than he was in Phoenix.

Sam Presti: Talk about utilizing your assets to stockpile other's down the road. Dude now has 9 draft picks over the next 3 drafts to work with. that's impressive. Moving Kurt Thomas yesterday, and Wally Szczerbiak earlier today, is impressive stuff on every level. The Sonics, if they didn't have such an assclown of an loser proportions. I'm talking about David Stern and Clay Bennett by the way. Only a fool would choose New Orleans over Seattle and say it's a more worthwhile market. Other than that Presti's job is going well.

Mitch Kupchak and the Los Angeles Lakers: Everyone hates the Lakers already around here, or most everyone anyway, but Kupchak did a lot of valuable things (none of least which secured his reputation as a good GM) that made a huge difference. Nobody around here gives Petrie crap because he got lucky Wes Unseld's stupid moves cost the Bullets a ton of things over time. But that's basically what happened. Kupchak got lucky, but as I said here the finishing touch was put on by Gasol. The actual moves, which were heavily criticized (Butler for Brown), and keeping Andrew Bynum (instead of dealing him with Odom to get Jason Kidd) actually turned out to be intelligent moves. The Mavs ended up far more desperate this time around, appeasing Thorn's desperate need for receiving value for Kidd, and the Lakers ended up sitting pretty especially when you consider they've already made a move without 2 potential vital contributiors, Ariza and Bynum, being out. Yeah, I think Kupchak could be the GM of my team.

I've already touched on Billy Knight. But to recap, briefly, it's gotta be nice to know that every single person in the basketball world doesn't think you're an idiot.

Then there is Danny Ferry

Danny Ferry is the big winner. After being the big big loser in the Bibby sweepstakes, he actually improved his team by dumping Hughes for Wallace, and gaining Szczerbiak for small dumpable contracts to the Sonics. In other words he accomplished some inside interior presence (assuming Ben Wallace's suckitude isn't on full display every night), got some shooting to surround LeBron with, and the best part of it all he did it on the cheap by not giving up any single major asset he has to do it. He got a young player in Delonte West that may not pan out, but he has lost NOTHING to accomplish it. He makes LeBron happy, and has an easier team fitting this team around LeBron to boot, and made the Cavs a darkhorse team in the process. Side Note: Maybe John Paxson really loves the Cavs after all? If it wasn't for Paxson Ferry wouldn't have pulled this off. Impressive as it is, Paxson, in his own perverse way, did more for the Cavs by doing this while helping the Bulls. It's one of those strange things: it probably will help the Bulls, and it will probably help the Cavs. But it will help the Cavs more overall than it will the Bulls. Which is probably why the Cavs had won more games up to this point. I'm just saying.

Overall what an interesting trade season. You had big players moved, and smaller names moved, and everything in between. By my count a team that hasn't altered their team in one way or another, since the start of December includes: Boston, Indiana, LA Clippers, GSW, Bullets, and the Knicks. That's a short list for a league that Bill Simmons went on a rant about having no balls. So in the end I wish Artest was gone, and well he isn't, and the Dubai Tower is always there if it gets TOO unbearable, but I'll probably live with it. I can always pray Ron opts out. And with that the 13th pick for your Sacramento Kings in the 2008 nba draft is...........

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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