2008 NBA DRAFT PLAYER RANKINGS by DALT99 (Complete List)

Now that the date has come and gone to pull out of the draft, I hope everyone will indulge me as I post my rankings of ALL the main players coming out for the 2008 NBA Draft. Four years ago I created a statistical system to rank college players based on many factors such as height, age, position, experience and of course season game stats. I created this system to take the college stats of each player and project their NBA potential. Each player's score is rated from zero to as high as the low 100s, though most scores of prospects fall between 50 and 105. This can be used for any player coming out of college from as far back to the early 1980s. I have seen some great results with this system such as having Brandon Roy and Rajon Rondo ranked as the 2nd and 3rd best prospects coming out of college in 2006. Yes, you could argue that Rudy Gay (4th) and LaMarcus Aldridge (9th) are better than Rondo but Rondo was criminally drafted as the 21st pick! Also in that draft the system had Jordan Farmar as the 14th best prospect, Paul Millsap as the 9th best and Leon Powe as the 16th best prospect. Those players were drafted 26th 47th and 49th respectively and are showing to be much better than where they were drafted. Consequently I do admit to the system not being perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Nick Fazekas (12th) from last year’s draft has shown flashes but not even close to where a projected lottery pick should. Tyrus Thomas (1st) has lots of potential but is still raw and Quincy Douby (15th) well, hopefully he will come along. Still on average it’s had a very good showing each year with many more successes than failures. It takes a lot of time to figure out all the player’s rankings in a draft so forgive me for posting this so close to draft day!

Now, below are the rankings in order of highest to lowest score. If you are curious, before the list is a (relatively) brief explanation of the scores and what they represent. 


00-60: NOT NBA MATERIAL. Just about 90% of the players in this range will go undrafted and never make an NBA roster. The ones that do get drafted rarely last in the NBA for more than a season or two.

60-70:    ROSTER FILLER/END OF THE BENCH. Very rarely will a player scoring in this range ever make any big impact in the NBA. Almost all of them will be out of the league in less than 3 years. Most players in this range never even become drafted into the NBA. Notable players in this group include Maurice Ager (69) and Darryl Watkins (65.5). 

70-75:    THIRD STRING/CAREER RESERVE. Not many players who score in this range make a large dent in the NBA. Some will have solid careers as a backup, usually in the specialist role such as a good 3-pt shooter. Players in the group include J.J. Redick (73.5), Steve Novak (72) and Mateen Cleaves (71).

75-80:    CAREER RESERVE/6TH MAN. A wide range of players find themselves in this group. Some will find the right team to stick in the NBA with and some will not. A lot of specialists (sharp shooter, shot blocker, volume rebounder) will find roles on teams for many years while a player without any great skill or consistency in one area will usually be out of the league within a few seasons. Players in this group include Daniel Gibson (79.5), Eddie House (79.5) and Lawrence Funderburke (76.5).

80-85:    6TH MAN/FRINGE STARTER. A player in this range usually will make it in the NBA as a solid back-up on the right team. Many of these players will even find themselves in the running for Sixth Man of the Year. Sometimes a player in this range will be a starter if that team does not have a good player at his position. Players in this group include Brandon Bass (83), Bobby Jackson (81.5) and Aaron McKie (80.5).

85-90:    FRINGE/SOLID STARTER. Players in this range are usually talented enough to make an NBA roster as a starter, but may or may not be good enough to be a full-time starter on a good team. The closer they are to 90, the much greater chance that they will end up being a career starter. Most, however, will at least have a long NBA career. Players in this group include Marcus Camby (89.5), John Salmons (87.5), Francisco Garcia (86.5) and Doug Christie (85.5).

90-93:    SOLID STARTER. A player in this rage will usually impact any team he plays on. He may not be the best player on the team (sometimes is the best player on a bad team) but will usually be a very productive and valuable player for most of his career. Some players in this range go on to be all-stars or are just missing the cut. Some of the great players scoring in this range include Jason Richardson (92), Shareef Abdur-Rahim (92), Gerald Wallace (91.5), Ron Artest (91) and Spencer Hawes (91).

93-96:    SOLID STARTER/ALL-STAR. This is the start of the elite groups. A player in this group will almost always become a very solid starter in the NBA. Over 80% so far have. Many in this range (about 50%) have even gone on to be an all-star or multiple all-star. Players in this group include Chauncey Billups (95), David West (93.5) and Joe Johnson (93.5).

96-98:    ALL-STAR. This is where some of the franchise players begin to show up. Starting with this score range, the best players in the world are in this group and above. A player in this group will usually, by his 30th birthday, be a multiple (two or more appearances) All-Star. The closer to 98, the more appearances are probable. This group can be the most difficult to gauge however because only so many players can be all-stars and many very good players in this range (such as Zach Randolph, 97) miss out. Also, a few players such as Drew Gooden (97) and Corey Maggette (97.5) never reach the potential that their college stats indicated. Players such as Rasheed Wallace (96), Ray Allen (96.5) and Paul Pierce (97.5) are in this elite group.

98-100:  ALL-STAR/FRANCHISE PLAYER. Same as the 96-98 group except a player in this group is likely to become a superstar. Players like Carlos Boozer (98), who was a 35th pick in the draft, Chris Webber (99.5) and Dwyane Wade (99.5) fall into this category.

100+:     SUPERSTAR/NBA MVP. The cream of the NBA crop. Players such as Tim Duncan (100), Allen Iverson (102.5) and Shaquille O’Neal (105.5) have fulfilled their college statistical projection of Superstars.


Rank   Player-Class                                      Pos.    Score

1          Michael Beasley-F                             F          102.5

2          Kevin Love-F                                       FC       97

3          Derrick Rose-F                                  PG       96.5

4          Marreese Speights-So                     FC       96

5          OJ Mayo-F                                           G         93.5

6          Ryan Anderson-So                            PF       92.5

7          Richard Hendrix-J                             FC       91

8          Bill Walker-So                                    SF       91

9          Nathan Jawai-Euro                           C         90.5

10        J.J. Hickson-F                                    FC       90.5

11        Chris Douglas-Roberts-J                SG      90

12        Jerryd Bayless-F                               PG       89.5

13        Anthony Randolph-F                         FC       89

14        Jason Thompson-Se                       PF       89

15        Brook Lopez-So                                C          88.5

16        D.J. Augustin-So                               PG       88.5

17        DeAndre Jordan-F                            C         88.5

18        Mario Chalmers-J                             PG      88.5

19        Aleks Maric-Se                                  C          88.5

20        Tony Lee-Se                                      G          88

21        Darrell Arthur-So                               PF       87.5

22        Omer Asik-Euro                                FC       87.5

23        Nicolas Batum-Euro                        SF        87.5

24        Russell Westbrook-So                    PG       87

25        Joe Alexander-J                                SF        86.5

26        Eric Gordon-F                                    SG       86.5

27        Sean Singletary-Se                          PG       86.5

28        Reggie Williams-Se                        GF       86.5

29        Roy Hibbert-Se                                 C          86

30        Walter Sharpe-So                             PF       86

31        Joey Dorsey-Se                                PF        85.5

32        Kosta Koufos-F                                 C         85.5

33        David Padgett-Se                             C          85.5

34        Danilo Gallinari-Euro                       F          85.5

35        Jamont Gordon-J                             G          85

36        Maarty Leunen-Se                            PF       84.5

37        Malik Hairston-Se                             SF       84.5

38        George Hill-J                                     G          84

39        DJ White-Se                                      PF        84

40        Donte Greene-F                                F          84

41        Shawn James-J                               PF        84

42        Courtney Lee-Se                              GF       83.5

43        Trent Plaisted-J                                FC       83

44        Darnell Jackson-Se                         PF       83

45        Brandon Rush-J                               GF       82

46        Gary Forbes-Se                                GF       81.5

47        J.R. Giddens-Se                               GF       81.5

48        Serge Ibaka-Euro                             FC       81

49        DeMarcus Nelson-Se                      G         81

50        Sonny Weems-Se                            GF       81

51        Mike Green-Se                                  PG       80

52        Darian Townes-Se                           FC       80

53        Kyle Weaver-Se                                 G         80

54        Davon Jefferson-F                            PF       80

55        Robin Lopez-So                                C         78.5

56        DeVon Hardin-Se                             FC       78

57        James Gist-Se                                  F          78

58        Will Daniels-Se                                 F          78

59        Anthony Slack-Se                              F          77.5

60        Bo McCalebb-J                                  G         77.5

61        Goran Dragic-Euro                           PG       77

62        Mark Tyndale-Se                               G          77

63        Wayne Chism-So                             PF        76.5

64        James Mays-Se                                PF        76.5

65        JaVale McGee-So                             FC        75.5

66        Jeremiah Wood-Se                          F           75

67        Jamar Butler-Se                               PG        75

68        Shan Foster-Se                                SG        75

69        Josh Duncan-Se                              F           75

70        Marcelus Kemp-Se                          G          74.5

71        Charles Rhodes-Se                        PF         73

72        Chris Lofton-Se                                G           72

73        Novica Velickovic-Euro                    PF        71.5

74        Reggie Larry-Se                               F           71

75        Kentrell Gransberry-Se                   FC        70.5

76        JaJuan Smith-Se                             G           70.5

77        Kyle Landry-Se                                 FC         70

78        Kojo Mensah-J                                 PG         70

79        Justin Hawkins-Se                          GF         70

80        Quan Prowell-Se                             SF          70

81        Sasha Kaun-Se                               C            69.5

82        Brian Butch-Se                                 FC         69.5

83        Mike Taylor-Se                                  PG         69.5

84        Othello Hunter-Se                             F           69

85        Anton Ponkrashov-Euro                  G           69

86        Luc Richard Mbah a Moute-Se       F           68.5

87        Sundiata Gaines-Se                        G           68.5

88        Mykal Riley-Se                                   GF        68.5

89        Bruce Price-J                                     PG        68

90        Rob McKiver-Se                                 G          68

91        Draelon Burns                                   G          68

92        Patrick Ewing Jr.-Se                          F          67

93        Deron Washington-Se                     GF       66.5

94        Joe Crawford-Se                               SG        65

95        Bryce Taylor-Se                                 SG        65

96        Charron Fisher-Se                            GF        63

97        Kalen Grimes-Se                              FC        63

98        Pat Calathes-Se                                F           61.5

99        Tyrone Brazelton-Se                         PG        61.5

100     Martin Zeno-Se                                   G          61.5

101     Durell Vinson-Se                               PF         60.5

102     Richard Roby-Se                               SG        60

103     Jiri Hubalek-Se                                  FC         59

104     Jaycee Carroll-Se                              G           58

105     C.J. Giles-Se                                      C           58

106     Kevin Bell-Se                                      PG        54

107     Dion Dowell-Se                                  SF        46.5

108     Derrick Low-Se                                  PG        45

109     Boris Meno-Se                                   PF         42.5

110     Alex Harris-Se                                    SG        42


While this is not as good a crop of players this year, the Kings should still be able to draft a player or two that can help out fairly soon. If anybody would like an explanation of why a player is higher or lower than you expect I will try to explain! If you want to know the score of any player from the past 30 years, just ask! Also, if anybody would like to me, I will gladly post the rankings of the past couple NBA drafts.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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