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In recent years the Kings have been able to find some pretty decent undrafted prospects, i.e. Ronnie Price and Justin Williams.  There were several players I noticed that were not selected Thursday night that might still hold value and definitely compete with Singletary and Ewing.  In the end they could always be sent to Reno anyway.  I anticipate that the Kings will give both Singletary and Ewing a lot of playing time in Vegas next month but we'll likely see them sign a couple others soon to go with them.  Here are a few of the names available:

PG - Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State, 6'3'', ranked 7th among PG's by DX; Brian Roberts, Dayton, 6'2'', ranked 9th among PG's by DX; Tyrone Brazelton, 5'11'', Western Kentucky; Drew Neitzel, Michigan State, 6'1'';

SG - Richard Roby, 6'6'', Colorado, ranked 11th among SG's by DX; DeMarcus Nelson, Duke, 6'2'', ranked 12th among SG's by DX; Reggie Williams, 6'4", VMI, ranked 14th among SG's by DX; Chris Lofton, 6'1'', Tennessee, ranked 16th by DX

SF - Pat Calathes, 6'10'', St. Joseph's, ranked 9th among SF's by DX; Keith Brumbaugh, 6'8", Oklahoma State, ranked 11th among SF's by DX; Will Daniels, 6'8", Rhode Island, ranked12th among SF's by DX

PF - DaVon Jefferson, 6'8'', USC, ranked 14th among PF's by DX; Othello Hunter, 6'8", Ohio State, ranked 15th among PF's by DX; Josh Duncan, 6'9", Xavier, ranked 16th among PF's by DX; James Mays, 6'8", Clemson, ranked 17th among PF's

C - David Padgett, 6'11'', Louisville, ranked 17th among C's by DX; Aleks Maric, 6'11", Nebraska, ranked 20th among C's by DX; CJ Giles, 6'10", ranked 22nd among C's by DX

The guys I'm most intrigued by are Padgett because of the Louisville connection with Theus and Pitino, Gordon because of the Kings' need at the point, and Calathes because of Petrie's facination with shooters. Nelson, of course, has the local connection as well. I also saw in a Jason Thompson article that he has ties to Dajuan Wagner back in Jersey and thought he might be an interesting option for the summer league team in Vegas next month. Better than Artest's brother at least.

What say you?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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