In defense of Geoff Petrie


Let's do some OBJECTIVE analysis of what GP has done with his first round draft picks...

1995 Corliss Williamson (13)

Beloved Corliss contributed on a 2004 Detroit championship team. He was a fringe starter, great scorer off the bench, plus a consumate professional. Petrie TRADED  him for Doug Christie who was a key contributer on our best squads. The best player picked behind him in the first round was Michael Finley and we already had an all-world 2 guard then.

Verdict: Good Pick

1996 Peja Stojakovic (14)

Peja showed how GP was ahead of the curve scouting International players. NOBODY knew who this guy was (remember that grainy footage?) and well, he turned out to be pretty damn good. Key member of the 2002-4 teams AND the current Hornets team which should be in the mix for an NBA title for years to come. Arguably the best shooter in the world. Third in the NBA in scoring in 2004. TRADED for Artest which we all know the Maloofs pushed for. Steve Nash was picked behind him but that is nitpicking. And besides we had BOBBY HURLEY as our undersized white point guard then.

Verdict: Great Pick

1997 Olivier St. Jean (11)

Not an exciting pick. TRADED for Brick Anderson who thankfully was put out to pasture when DC came aboard. Interestingly enough the best players picked behind OSJ/TAW were Bobby Jackson and Scot Pollard in what was a weak draft.

Verdict: Eh

1998 Jason Williams (7)

Ahh (getting serious nostalgia here) good times. J-Thrill put Sactown bball on the map. Pure and simple. And of course Petrie TRADED him for Bibby. Pierce and Nowitzki were on the board but so were Webb and Divac and we didn't have a PG. Definitely the 'riskiest' pick GP has made and it was a winner.

Verdict: Great Pick

2000 Hedo Turkoglu (16)

Brother Hedo was a key contributor on the best Kings teams and has blossomed into an All-NBA caliber player on the Magic. He was TRADED for Brad Miller which could be interpreted either way. Personally I think Miller has played pretty well in Sac other than one really, really crappy season. In the right system he's a great 5 man with his offensive skill set.

Verdict: Great Pick

2001 Gerald Wallace (25)

GP took a flyer (har!) on Wallace who has developed into one of the most explosive (albeit injury-prone) wings in the league. He didn't get much burn under Adelman but played well when called upon. Too bad the team was so deep when the expansion draft came.

Verdict: Great Pick

2004 Kevin Martin (26)

Another head-scratcher from GP that turned into gold. The Kings best player right now. A top 30 NBA player who is only going to get better. Perhaps not the #1 guy on a title team but still a quality player to build around. Glad to have him on the books for 4 more years.

Verdict: Great Pick

2005 Francisco Garcia (17)

My favorite King. I love Cisco's swag, hustle, lockdown D and emerging offensive game. I don't see any reason he can't be a Tayshaun Prince-like glue guy on a contender. Maxiell and Lee were picked behind him, but I think Cisco has a higher ceiling than either of them.

Verdict: Good Pick (potentially Great)

It is much too early to OBJECTIVELY evaluate Spencer Hawes or Quincy Douby at this point. 3-4 years is an adequate sample size, not 1-2. Did anyone see KMart exploding after he finished his 2nd season? Hardly.

Hawes should be a Top 15 Center at some point and Douby has the skills. He needs a role and some burn. The cat led the Big East in scoring. He can play. I think the Eddie House comparison is good, and I think he has the potential to be much better defensively.

And now you want to criticize/fire Geoff Petrie? That is the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard. GP is one of the best GMs in the game right up there with Buford, Pritchard and Dumars. He's NEVER had a Top 5 pick. The biggest FA to land in Sac has been VLADE DIVAC for God's sake!  And DESPITE this he's managed to steer our beloved Kings into the playoffs 9 of 13 years with 3 of those teams being title contenders.  He's a TWO-TIME Executive of the Year. The man knows NBA talent better than 99.999999% of the world including Chad Ford and other 'experts' roaming the internet. And you haters. Especially you. Go watch some more Anthony Randolph or Jerryd Bayless youtube highlights and then remember that you have ZERO clue about evaluating NBA talent . They might be good players. Or they could be Stromile Swift and Shawn Respert. It's all conjecture at this point.


And now you want to fire him? That is absurd. GO AWAY. You are the BANDWAGON fans who jumped on when the Holy Trinity formed and Sac became relevant. BANDWAGON fans b*tch and moan cause they don't know bball. Real NBA heads know we've got a GREAT GM. You know what GP is doing? He's waiting patiently, picking up and developing good players, ready to pounce on the next CWebb that comes available (or FA perhaps).

I'm excited about the Jason Thompson Era. A big, athletic 4-man with skills? Isn't that EXACTLY what we've been pining for ever since the CWebb glory days?

Ziller, section214 I enjoy your posts and analysis. It's nice to know there are other intelligent, articulate fans who love this team as much as I do. As for you jokers critical of Geoff Petrie? Move to LA.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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