Last Shot at D-Lee

I started this out as a post in the "Find us a PG" thread, but it started to get a life of it's own . . . so I figured I'd throw it in it's own FanPost and see what happened.  This wasn't initially about David Lee, but I realized that it started looking that way, which is where the title came from.  I initially checked the Knicks Salaries pages when I read another rumor about Lee to Charlotte for Felton, which is how I ended up here (a great note from that link, apparently D'Antoni isn't D-Lee fan, which is probably why he's even available . . . he was an Isiah favorite).  If I mention anything in here that's already been addressed I apologize in advance (as I said, I was in the process of catching up when I started this post originally).  With all that said, let's go...

Ok, so after too much time looking at salary pages from ShamSports & HoopsHype, I came up with these all-or-nothing gambles (links via RealGM since ESPN won't let you trade Artest until July 1, when these deals would obviously need to take place)...

Option 1:
Miller, Artest, & Williams
Lee, Marbury, & Protected Future 1st Rounder

I know this isn't the PG anyone here wants, but he's an ending contract, and he can just stay at home waiting to find out if he's in a deadline deal for someone else or not (at least he'll have something to do).  This also brings in the David Lee and another GP draft piece, while giving NYK a group of players that makes them relevant again without jeopardizing their LBJ hopes (Miller & Williams will be gone, Artest will either be gone or used to help lure him, and they won't be paying Lee when his extension comes up).

Proposed Lineup:  Garcia?/Singletary, Martin/Douby, Salmons/Garcia, Lee/Thompson, Hawes/Moore
Draft Pick: Top 5 (no PG to speak of, lots of youth . . . don't forget NYK's pick, too)

Option 2:
Miller, & Artest
Lee, Crawford, & Jeffries

Same reasoning as above, except now we get Crawford (not ideal but much better than Starbury), along with his & Jeffries' 2010 salaries (going against the GP mantra, but again, we net D-Lee).  If GP liked Crawford I could see this being a possibility, but the roughly $17M in 2010 could be the deal-breaker.

Proposed Lineup: Crawford/Singletary, Martin/Garcia, Salmons/Jeffries, Lee/Thompson, Hawes/Moore
Draft Pick: Top 12 (still better than the dregs of the East, buy probably still shy of the playoffs in the West)

Option 3:
Miller, Artest, Moore, & SAR
Lee, Marbury, Rose, & Balkman/Robinson/Future 1st/Future 2nd?

So I'm guessing this is the tough one for most people.  I call this one the Pookey Special, because this is a pure salary dump; Starbury & Rose have Expiring Contracts this year, while Miller, Moore & SAR expire next year.  The Kings trade most of the parts that will probably not be involved in the team that makes the next playoff run, and basically just pushes the salary timetable up a year.  Do you want Marion?  Brand?  I don't know who else would be available, but if the Kings have cap space then maybe a Richardson-type dump could happen, or a multiple First Round Draft Picks for taking a bad contract away (a la Kurt Thomas) could happen.  Having cap space would give GP a lot of options, and that can't be a bad thing.  If this deal makes the Kings worse next year, then you also have a higher draft pick for him to work with as well (to get that long-term PG, perhaps?).

NYK considers it because they're getting 3 of the 4 best players in the trade, dumping bad chemistry players, and still not affecting their 2010 plans (i.e. LBJ).  I don't know what would be offered as filler at the end (contracts work fine 4-for-3), but I threw Balkman & Robinson on there, because the trade should still work, and draft picks don't affect trade salaries so they're there as well.  I'm sure many (most?) will demand a prospect or 1st rounder to be included (the Kings are giving up 3 starters from last year's squad, after all) . . . but I think that this deal might be good for the Kings even with a 2nd rounder (or nothing!) added.  Again, this is a salary dump proposal to speed up the rebuild in Sacramento.

Proposed Lineup: Garcia?/Singletary, Martin/Douby, Salmons/Garcia, Lee/Thompson, Hawes/K9?
--Possible Additions: PG-Robinson, SF-Balkman
Draft Pick: Top 3 (this would be our best shot at winning the Draft Lottery, plus potentially more picks from NYK)

So there it is; let me know what you think.  It's admittedly a little bit out there . . . but with GP running the show that sounds about right.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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