Since I've been shouting at the wind about all these Ron-Ron to the Lakers, to the Clips, to Dallas ect. Many have asked what deal to an Eastern team I would propose.  I am adamant about this because i think you NEVER make a rival better if you can help it and I think thats especially true in the fragile 'rebuilding' phase for fan support/morale reasons.  Well, here are several to choose from and or chew on.

1) Ron + K-9 to Cleveland for Wally plus a pick.  a) I know they're both SFs but Labron could play the 2 on offense (plays the 2 and 1 anyway) and Ron can usually defend the 2s on D.

Why would Cleveland do this?  1) they actually could sign Ron to a $12mil or so deal and still be right at the luxury tax next year (they're $10 mil OVER this year) - even WITH K-9s salary - which goes away in the all important 2010 year.  All the LaBron to NY/NJ talk must be keeping Danny Ferry up at night.  2) they really MIGHT be able to win a championship now and next year with LaBron, Artest, Z, and BWallace plus a now decent supporting cast. 

Why would we do this?  It gets rid of K-9s salary next year in return for a player who doesn't expect to start, could provide some vet leadership while he's here and may be a decent deadline trade piece for another pick or a bargain bench guy (if you sign to MUCH less $) who can shoot for years to come.  Ala MFinley ect..

2) Ron +K-9 to Miami for Marion +.  a) I HATE Marion but if you're just clearing cap space he makes an excellent trading piece at the deadline and you don't make a division rival better. 

Why would Miami do this?  a) It gives them a key piece next to DWade who can ALSO opt out in 2010.  Another year like the last and he might have his mind made up.  b) Once again, K-9s salary does not affect any 2010 plans. c) Wade, Like LaBron, would counter balance Ron and keep him in check.

Why would the Kings?  Why not if all we're looking at is to dump K-9s salary and get a pick?  Marion isn't in our future plans anymore than Odem is and he'd be very tradable (though I HATE him) at the deadline.  Like Odem, a guy not in our future plans - so whats the difference?

Ron + K-9 to the 76rs in a sign and trade for Iguadala +. 

Why would the 76rs?  They get a very similar player, who's a better defender, for about the same $$ they'll have to pay Iguadala.  Elton and Ron are supposedly good friends and Brand should be able to 'balance' him.  Once again, K-9 doesn't affect any 2010 plans they may have.

Why would the Kings?  Hey, we get a good young SF with fewer 'distraction' problems, we get rid of K-9 next year plus we get a young prospect, of which they have several.  (Take a look)

This happens to my favorite IF we could make it happen, a good young SF plus a developing prospect that may work out or not.

Ron + K-9 to Chicago:  A sign and trade for LDeng plus a prospect and a pick.

Why would Chicago?  I'm not sure they would - but they say they want to 'Shake things up'  'get a winning attitude' .  Chicago is one of those much heralded 'lets build up a lot of picks and prospects' movements that thudded to a dead end last year.   They need to change more than DRose.  I'm sure they'd want to give us a guard we may not want back.

Why would we do this?  Well, because its a no-brainer depending on who else they want to give back. Heinrich? I've never wanted him, he's Bibby without a shot and his contract is too long... 

Ron + K-9 to the Knicks for Starbury + (something).  Strickly a 'catch and release' trade to dump K-9 and maybe get a pick/prospect.  In this scenario, I'd try to sign Ron to that $12-$13mil he wants so I could try to get  RBalkman back.

Why would the Knicks?  I don't know if Walsh would, but Ron would supposedly be 'happy' there and he gets rid of Starbury.  K-9?  He won't have cap room next year anyway so no big deal(?)

Why would we?  Strickly a 'Catch and Release' as I said.  I'd vomit if I ever see Starbury in a Kings Uniform.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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