I'm Worried About Minutes aka Trade Someone Please

(From the FanPosts. - TZ)

I was thinking about playing time for some of our younger players, and came to a frightening realization. We're now too deep. As our roster currently stands our 5 starters are Beno, Martin, Artest, Moore and Miller. The first 4 off the bench would be Garcia, Salmons, Hawes and Williams. The last 3 on the active roster(end of the bench guys) are Douby, Thompson and Singletary.

Based partly on last season's minutes, and knowing that Theus will be trying to win every game(rightfully so), I would predict a breakdown something like this:

Martin - 35, Artest - 35(closer to 40 last year), Miller - 33, Beno - 32 and Moore - 30 = 165 minutes

Garcia - 25, Salmons - 20, Hawes - 15, Williams - 10, and Douby -5 = 75 minutes

= 240.

That would assume Garcia backing up at the point and SG to get him his minutes and a few minutes for Artest at the 4(same as last year).

The problem here is we really need to be getting Douby 10+ minutes a game, because we need to find out this year what he can do, and I'd like to see Thompson get similar minutes to what Hawes got last year(10-15), without taking minutes from Williams(who is in a similar situation to Douby).

We're getting to the point where we need to start seeing what we've got with some of these guys. Our team isn't contending, so we don't have the luxury of letting a Gerald Wallace waste away on the bench and then blossom elsewhere. If there are players on this team we know for sure are not a part of the future, it is time to look at moving them now(Mikki, Brad, Ron).

The trade/trades kind of need to be for young talent, picks and expiring crap, similar to the Bibby deal(but hopefully with better picks). If we did the Odom or Marion trade, it would free up some minutes at the 1-3, but take even more time away from the young bigs. Odom or Marion getting 35 minutes at the 4 and Mikki taking 15-20 off the bench doesn't leave much playing time for Spencer, Sheldon and JT.

I'd hate to see Douby, Williams and Thompson sitting on the end of the bench, not getting a chance to develop as fast as they might, just so we can win an extra 5 games.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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