Durant v. Greene Comparison

I'm sure that other people have made this point here, but it has become pretty common around StR to drop Kevin Durant as a comparison to Donte' Greene. Many of you probably already see where I'm going with this, but please hear (read?) me out.

Durant and Greene are easy to compare because they have similar bodies and styles of play, and took similar trajectories to the NBA. Those are good reasons to compare the two; however, they don't necessarily indicate that the two will have similar success in the NBA. I'm not saying that Donte' Greene can't be as good or better than KD. In fact, I really hope that he can improve his game to the point that a comparison is valid. But right now, I don't think Durant and Greene's talent should be compared. I guess my argument could be boiled down to this: If Donte' Greene had the ability to be as good of a basketballer player as Kevin Durant, he would be as good of a basketball player as Durant. And he's not.

Here comes the evidence:

-Greene (2/21/88) is actually older than Durant (9/29/88), and Durant has a Bambi-like body so those arguments are out the window.

 -Both players spent one year at a DI school with a big-time basketball program in a major conference; these are their college stats (KD/D'G):

GP: 35/35; MIN: 35.9/35.8; PPG: 25.8/17.7; FG%: .473/.418; 3PT%: .404/.345; FT%: .816/.707; REB: 11.1/7.2; AST: 1.3/2.0; TO: 2.8/2.6; STL 1.9/1.3; BLK: 1.9/1.6 (sorry, I know that's difficult to read)

-Durant was IMO (and apparently the opinion of NBA GMs) the best college basketball player in the country his freshman season. Greene was not.

Conclusion: Hopefully, with the help of the great Sacramento Kings organization, Greene will improve to the point that his talent and production are comparable to Durant's. Right now, they are not, despite the fact that their careers have been similar in so many ways.

And before you release the hounds on me, I'd just like to state that I wanted the Kings to take Greene with the twelfth pick. I agree that he has wonderful potential and was a steal for Houston and a great piece to get back for Artest. I love the trade, I love the player, and I love the apostrophe. I just think comparing him to Kevin Durant is silly. Sorry, Donte', please prove me wrong. Okay I'm done.

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(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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