My Fantastic Trade Idea

Warning - the following comes straight out of left field - and may not be as fantastic as previously advertised.

As many others have already discussed the Kings biggest problem next season ( in my humble opinion) will be getting enough minutes to our new flock of young guys.  It would also be nice to clear some roster spots. so without further ado - here it is:

Mikki Moore, Sheldon Williams, and Kenny Thomas for Stephon Marbury

Some considerations:

1.  Stephon never sets foot in Arco - as soon as his plane lands Gavin hands him the buyout and whishes him a pleasant flight back home.

2.  The Kings do this because it clears a log jam.  I think we can all agree we would rather see what Hawes and Thompson can do over the great lobster.  I would certainly rather watch them as opposed to Williams.  And any time you can remove two of the hydra heads with a single trade you have to pull the trigger.

3.  New York does this because....well, this is addmitingly the biggest flaw.  But I do think there is value here for New York.  Marbury has been a huge blemish on the Knicks and for at least as long as he's around the name Isiah Thomas will not die.  They would have bought him out already if it wasn't so damned embarrising.  This allows them to shed a couple million in salary and recieve some talent back.  Moore is exatcly the type of player that could help change the culture of apathy and Williams is a free gamble.  My original version of the trade had Douby instead of Williams, to better entice New York but the saleries don't work.  You could put both Williams and Douby in the trade if it made New York happy and I would still do it, but then again I'm crazy.  Bonus note:  This trade still lines New York up perfectly for the Lebron sweepstakes in 2010.

4.  Lets face it - we're in for another year of lottery.  Sports owners and general managers seem to think fans want to see the most number of wins possible even if it means they have to suit up a corpse or two ( see Giants, San Francisco), but I would much rather see our young talent throw down even if it's not always pretty.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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