Delusional Mad Scientist or Trade Machine Genius? You Decide!

My God, I've done it.

I've taken some of the hottest, most believable trade rumors out there, combined them with the interests of multiple teams (and their respective goals) and put together a 3-team trade on ESPN's trade machine that would make your head spin faster than a possessed teen-aged girl's (minus the projectile vomiting).  This trade gets rid of not only Miller, not only K9 (woof), but also Salmons and Moore!!!  I honestly -- HONESTLY -- believe this trade could and should happen:

Teams involved: SAC, CHI & NYK.

# of Players: 13.

Who goes where:

SAC gets - Q-Rich (2 years, $8.7M), Marbury (1 yr, $21M), Ty Thomas (2 yrs, 3.8M) & Gooden (1 yr, 7M).

CHI gets - Salmons (3 yrs, 5M), Miller (2 yrs, 11.5M), David Lee (1 yr, 1.7M).

NY gets - Hughes (2 yr, 13M), K9 (2 yrs, 8.5M), Moore (2 yrs, 6M), Noah (2yrs, 2.3M), B-Jax (1 yr, 6.5M), Douby (1yr, 1.5M). 

Why SAC does it: Get rid of 4 malcontents at once, increase available cap space over next 2 years by an additional $2M, and shed more salary earlier (soothing luxury tax concerns).  At the end of this season the Kings would enjoy $31.3M in expiring salary (Starbury, Williams & Gooden).  The next year, another 12M in cap space expires (Q-Rich & Ty Thomas).  Plus, the Kings get the advantage of observing Ty Thomas' development & the inside track on resigning him, if desired.  CONCERNS: None that I can see...except possibly winning more games, thereby thwarting a higher draft pick.

Why CHI does it: They want frontcourt help & have had an eye on Miller.  Wouldn't you like to have Miller AND David Lee?  Of course you would.  Plus, Salmons could provide another scoring threat for the Bulls and might fit in better playing alongside Rose.  Sure, CHI is losing the promise of what Ty Thomas MIGHT become, but they're getting the reality of what Miller and Lee already can do for the team.  Miller, Lee, Deng, Salmons, Rose, Nocioni, Gordon, Hinrich & Co. sounds like a legit team.  CONCERNS: Giving up expiring contracts in this day and age is unfavorable, but looking at what they're getting in return, it seems feasible.  The Bulls lose out on Ty Thomas, but getting David Lee in return definitely eases that sting.  Plus, you still get Miller's expiring contract for 2010.

Why NY does it: The Knicks have one goal -- as much 2010 flexibility as possible.  This deal nets them an extra 6.5M in salary cap space by 2010.  Plus, they get Noah, who might actually be able to play under D'Antoni...and Douby, for whatever he MAY or may not contribute under a different system.  Sure, they give up Lee, but recent rumors have indicated that they're willing to do so if the right deal comes along.  I think this would qualify.  They get rid of Marbury's antics & gain the outside threat of Hughes' scoring.  CONCERNS: NY is reluctant to part with Lee, but D'Antoni doesn't seem to mind the idea...especially if gets them closer to signing 2 all-stars in 2010.

Where it leaves SAC:

Starting line-up = Marbury, Martin, Q-Rich, Gooden, Hawes. 

Bench = PGs -- Brown, Udrih.  SGs -- Garcia, Greene.  SFs -- Greene, JT, Garcia.  PF/Cs -- JT, TyT, Williams.

Our young guys would definitely get more playing time, we get rid of all of our bad contracts (except Beno), plus, we get to be major players in the 2009 & possibly 2010 free agency circus.

So, what do you guys think?  Is it realistic (therefore I am a trade machine genius), or a pipe dream (thereby making me a mad scientist)?

 Oh, and notice that the young core is preserved (no sacrificing Hawes, JT or Greene in this scenario).


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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