After yesterday I had to wonder if these gods are related.  I mean it took me damn hours to get to work.  Getting past the jackknifed truck, traffic lights that were out, and dodging falling tree limbs is just not cool. Kind of like how these Kings have been doing.  We have had coaches that couldn’t coach, players that couldn’t play and all kinds of shit being dished our way by the basketball gods, bad knees, broken jaws, and now a broken arm.

 It seems that there are streaks of really bad luck. They happen and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.  That whole saying, “When it rains it pours.”  It has poured a shit storm on the Kings and hopefully the deluge is over.  Hopefully, it is time to dry ourselves off, assess the damage, remove the broken limbs, get power going back to the grid, and move the hell on. 


We have added some new fixture that we can hope will light the way and need to get rid of some of the old appliances that don’t fit.  There are still serviceable, but we don’t want the brightness of what is new to be tarnished by the pain of the past storm. 


Hopefully the winds of the gods muster, but not to deluge us further.  We could benefit from all sorts of weather.  Perhaps the best would be gentle spring showers and sprinkles that will allow new seedlings to sprout new growth, but it isn’t spring and new sprouts have a hard time growing past the dead old growth from the previous year.  There is still too much old growth from the past year to trim.


It is fall and time for pruning the trees.  Unfortunately, we have just lost one of the new limbs that showed lots of life during the past year, but we have to cut back the old growth and decide which of the other new limbs to keep.  There was lots of mid-year cutting last year so this is easier, even though it really hurt to cut in the middle of the last year. 


Time to get rid of the deadwood, graft on some new additions, and put together this team.  We have a new horticulturist in town who seems like he may know how to fertilize and won’t just use raw sewage.  All positive signs that the coming new year may be a time of renewal.  As long of the right cuts are made, the grafts get firmly established, and the manager and owners of the grove let the new guy use the right mix, then we may be OK.


There is, however, no accounting for the weather.   We could still be subject to the wrath of many gods and goddesses.  Let’s hope that, this year, they are our friends and reward the faithfulness to an ideal of basketball without selfishness and to the ideals of team play that has made this team great in the past. 


I don’t want to sit for hours in traffic watching a wreck on the streets or on the court.  Hopefully we can do better this year.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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