Was @ Kings/Lakers in Vegas

It's gonna be a long season. I don't know if there's a gameplan set yet cuz the Kings looked unplanned last night. The Kings looked undersized and outskilled. With Bynum. Mbenga, and Artest on the floor, the Kings just looked so small. The Lakers just threw the ball to the basket, knowing Bynum would pull everything down. Kings didn't have a chance. This is my breakdown on a couple player:


Tyreke Evans - Brought the ball down court and created for himself WAY too many times. Never got the rest of the team involved. He passed more in the 4th quarter (when Kobe, Fisher, and Farmar were done for the evening), so I can see how he piled up 9 assists. But he gos so strong to the hoop. He creates contact and gets the ball to the rim. When he starts getting the foul calls, he'll pile up 12-15 freethrows a game EASY. Gotta work on the jumper. It's pretty ugly


Jason Thompson - Trying an outside jumper. Looks good at times, but he works so hard on the boards, he's gonna tire through games and it won't be effective (shooting) in the 3rd and 4th. Was going strong for offensive boards. His long arms got him to alotta balls. I like his development from last year. Still a tweener (SF/PF). Just don't think his body in thick enough to be a consistant PF. When other teams go big, Kings will get eatin up


Sergio Rodriguez - Tiny. He looked so small compared to Fisher and Farmar. BUT, he ran the team better than Beno or Tyreke. He broke down the defense and set up his teammates for easy baskets. From last night, he would be the guy the start @ PG when the season starts. But I don't think he can score as much as Tyreke and the Kings are still lacking enough consistant scorers to have Sergio playing alot of significant minutes


Spencer Hawes - Still not big enough or strong enough. Bynum overpowered him. His inside game still needs work. He wants to shoot jumpers too much. I think if they (Kings and Hawes) made most of his offensive game jumpers, he would do better than a mostly inside game


Omri Casspi - Worked really hard but was all over the place. His jumpshot looks good. He's gonna make alotta 3s in his career, but has work to do


Beno Udrih, Kenny Thomas - Looked very uninspired. Beno stood around alot. KT didn't try too hard to do anything.


Sean May - The tiniest legs for a big man. Has a huge torso and lil' chicken legs. No wonder he's had knee and ankle problems. And he's been over 300 lbs?


Kevin Martin, Andres Nocioni - Just waiting for the season to start. We know these guys will be ready (though K-Mart needs to hit his free throws) 

So that's what I saw. 25 wins should be a bonus, unless a couple players make huge strides during the year.

Love 2 hear ur thoughts

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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