Rookie stats rankings for the preseason

I took a look at the statistics of rookies in the preseason and found some interesting (enjoyable) news out there:



Tyreke Evans is
  • 1st in Points per game (15.1, followed by Flynn, Blair and Griffin (13.7))
  • 3rd in Assists per game (4.7, behind Jennings and Curry, ahead of Flynn, Teague, Maynor, Lawson... He is also 9th in Assists per 48 minutes)
  • With his 1.18 A/TO ratio, he is exactly 0.03 point above Blake Griffin...)
  • Yes, he is the first in TO per game (4.0, Curry who is second has 3.2))
  • Yes, he also leads all rookies in minutes per game (31.3, followed by Curry, Gibson, Budinger and Griffin, they all, plus few other rookies, in the range of 25-28 minutes per game)
  • 3rd in Blocks per game (exactly 0.29 blocks above Blake Griffin... Only behind Thabeet and Taj Gibson)
  • 3rd in Blocks per foul (among players who averaged at least 10 minutes per game)
  • Only seven rookies who averaged at least 10 minutes per game averaged also less fouls per 48 mintues than Tyreke and only three of them (Flynn, Sam Young and Budinger) averaged at least 20 minutes
  • 4th in rebounds per game (4.9, Griffin leads with 8.1, Blair has 7.9, Gibson 5.8)
  • 1st in PTS+AST+REB per game total (24.7 followed by Griffin with 24.0,  Blair with 22.9 and Flynn with 20.5)
  • Just 12th in Steals per game...
  • 9th in FT attempts per game and 7th in FT made (75%)

Omri Casspi is

  • 9th in points per game (ahead of Curry, Budinger, Lawson or Jennings among others)
  • 4th in FG% among players who took at least four shots per game (behind Blair, Griffin and Lawson) with 55.2 (Griffin has 56.9, Lawson 56.5, Blair 59.4)
  • 1st in 3points made, 6th in 3points attempted and 1st in 3pt % except of Austin Daye who shot just 5/8 during the preseason (Omri's percentage is 52.4!!!)
  • Also 5th in 2points % among players who took at least 20 shots (Thabeet took only 18 in 8 games for example), his percentage is 56.8
  • 14th in PTS+AST+REB per game while around the 20th place in most other main statistics
  • Only 5 positions behind Tyreke in Fouls per 48 minutes
  • 17th in TO per game
  • 16th in Minutes per game

Jon Brockman is

  • 2nd in Rebounds per 48 minutes among all rookies who averaged at least 10 minutes per game (behind Blair only, ahead of Griffin or Thabeet)
  • 10th among all rookies in offensive rebounds per game (Tyreke and Omri are tied for the 13th place by the way)
  • He also leads all rookies in fouls per 48 minutes, being the 9th in the whole league among all players who played at least 48 minutes... (Fesenko is the leader, by the way)

Unfortunately, I could not find any source for advantaged statistics so I can bring no comparison for effective shooting, rebound percentage, usage etc... Nevertheless, this year's draft already seems to bring some upside to the city.


Some updates of advanced statistics as contributed by pookeyguru in the discussion (I use basketball-reference data where I compare his values):

  • Tyreke’s usage rate is 26.22  while Omri’s is 21.70. Just for comparison, last year's Kevin Martin's rate was 27.4 while John Salmons had 21.9. Beno Udrih as a former starting pointguard (as it seems) had 18.2. Also, no other King has had higher usage rate than 26 since Chris Webber left in 2005.
  • Tyreke's TS% is 50.3. Omri’s TS% is 65.7%. Not only is Omri's TS% higher than Kevin Martin's at any regular season as pookey mentioned, the last time that any player actually had higher TS% in a regular season was Mario Elie with 66.2 in 96/97. (Amare Stoudemire was very close two years ago with 65.6). At the same time, Tyreke's TS% is aroun the level of last year's Bobby Jackson, which is not very good
  • Tyreke’s eFG is 45.7% and Omri’s eFG is 64.66%. Pretty much the same indicators.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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