Grading the Road Trip

Well, we waitied all summer for this, here at the NBA Masochist Forum.  No wins, three losses, but some items worth noting and getting excited about.  Note that I'm giving out these grades based on my (hopefully) reasonable expectations, not comparing players to each other.

Tyreke Evans: B

A couple of bad decisions here and there, and a tough opener, but certainly well within what you'd expect from a rookie point guard asked to do everything.  His defense on CP3 was special, he wants to involve his teammates, and we have every reason to be excited about him going forward.

Kevin Martin: C+

Some will probably feel I'm being generous here, but Kevin is doing some things I really like.  His New Orleans game was abysmal, and certainly 34% shooting isn't getting it done.  What I did like, is better defense, more competitiveness and more steals than turnovers.  The last stat I think says a lot to help mitigate Kevin's bad shooting.  I guess, if the thing I'm worried about with Kevin is shooting...I'm pretty hopeful.

Desmond Mason: B

In our one really good stretch during the NO game, he was absolutely shutting down David West.  He's keeping the starting spot warm for Casspi and/or Donté to step up and claim, as long as he does it professionally, and plays hard, its tough to complain.  I like him on the team, even if I'm hoping he plays 5 minutes a night by the end of the year.

Jason Thompson: A

Leading the team in rebounding isn't a surprise; leading the team in assists is Shocking.  Add in, only 11 fouls, over 1 blocked shot a game and only 1 turnover in three games, and you have to be excited about Mr. Thompson.  Let's throw in some more:  he played respectable post defense against legit threats without fouling, he made great decisions with the ball (12 assists/ 1 turnover), showed an actual post up game (definite work in progress) and as always, the effort and hustle were there.  He had a tough time finishing shots, and still doesn't seem to have a left hand, but the road trip put some of JT's development on display.

Sean May: D

Displayed a nice shot but played way too soft most of the time.  Had some stretches of good defense, but if you're going to be the short big guy that can't jump, you need to box-out more and play harder.  I hope for better.

Spencer Hawes: D+

The plus is because the 3rd game seemed to be going in the right direction.  The first two were horrendous, with Spencer seemingly completely lost on offense.  More energy, more competitiveness, Spencer showed some growth on defense, but needs to relax and get some confidence on offense.  Hopefully the SA game was the start of something.

Andres Nocioni: C

Phenomenal in the NO game, way too much Noc Jordan in the SA game when it was getting away and Nocioni was trying to "take over".  Play hard Noc, help our guys get better, Petrie will get you out of here as soon as he's able.

Omri Casspi: A

Nice three games Omri.  Welcome to the NBA, I think we're going to be excited you're on the team for a while.

Beno Udrih: D

At some points in the NO game, I thought Beno and Nocioni were really getting it, but most of the time, Beno was doing his patented dribble a hole through the floor while he points at guys that aren't doing what he wants and they stare back at him with the "Who is this asshole and why does he make more money than me?" stare.  Also, we saw plenty of this last year, but his defense was an embarrassment.  This team has plenty of room on it for a scoring point guard coming off the bench, hopefully Beno will get it soon.

Jon Brockman: A

37 minutes, 14 rebounds and hustle.  Brockman has tons to work on, but there's nothing to complain about at this point.

Sergio Rodriguez: Inc.

Didn't see enough to have an opinion.

Donté Green: Inc, but..

Obviously Donté didn't play enough to get a grade, but I will say, in the few minutes he played, he seemed to be making a concerted effort to give the coaching staff what they were looking for.  Keep it up, PW will give him a chance, if he keeps working at developing an NBA game.

Coaching Staff: B+

I don't have a lot to complain about.  Coaches, please put some time in with our guys defending the pick and roll.  Our bigs don't step up hard enough to slow down the guard, or get back quickly enough to defend the big guy.  We've got to do better defending the pick and roll at the top of the key.  Rotations, minutes, timeouts, etc, I thought the coaches did a good job.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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