Sacramento vs. Memphis aka the StR whipping boys game

As part of 30Qs, Mr. Tom Ziller asked StR who we thought was going to be the Kings’ whipping boy this upcoming season (sorry for not linking it). If I’m not mistaken, Beno Udrih won the distinguished poll and was the center of many jokes. Well StR, I talked to Mr. Udrih after the game tonight and he told me to pass along this message “Joke’s on you!!!”

Ok, maybe I didn’t talk to Beno and I don’t really think joke’s on us, but I do believe that tonight’s game was a bit of a coming out party for the whipping boys of StR: Beno Udrih and Spencer Hawes.

I’ll write about them first to get that out of the way. The only reason we won this game is because of Beno Udrih, Spencer Hawes, and Kevin Martin. At least that’s how I saw it tonight. Beno came in and did what Reke couldn’t do, run the team and, truly, make the players around him better. Even if it was just for one game, Beno deserved to be on the floor as much as he did. He was clutch and hit shots that kept us in the game, including the game tying layup that sent it to OT. By the way, who made the tough pass so that Beno could make that shot?

Iloveeveryone, this is the game that makes me wish you were still here, maybe I’ll go find you at not.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the “Hawes is not a true 5” committee, let me introduce to you Mr. Spencer Hawes. If this was PW’s plan all along, I think he did great. Spencer showed the whole arsenal. Post moves, outside shots, rebounds, assists, running the offense off the high post, even blocks. I can’t wait to hear someone complain about Spence. I haven’t read the game thread yet so we’ll see what people came up with. Remember this game because this is the one when Spencer earned his starting spot. “Coach, you know more about basketball that I would probably learn in my whole life but the Sean May experiment ends... let me think about it... about..... NOW.”

Enough with the whipping boys, more game notes:

It was awesome to see Arco almost full (sell out maybe, but not everyone showed up). The crowd got a bit restless during an awful first quarter but it got more into the game as the Kings kept it close and was on fire at the end of the 4th and the whole overtime period. It was great to have that atmosphere in Arco again. On a personal note I really want to ask you all (those who are in the area) to go to Arco and support this team. I know most of you do, but it is really important that we do out part in helping this franchise stay in Sac and, really, help the team become successful. These young guys are hustling, diving, and playing as hard as they can, and after an unforgettable last season (for the wrong reasons) it’s time we step up. Anyways, about the game...

Horrible start but as the players settled and the ball started to move, the team got better. It was obviously a bad night for our main rookie. Reke seemed very nervous and you could tell got down on himself after miss shot, or every turnover. He wasn;t horrible, but he just wasn’t effective. The team was clearly late to get into the offense when he was bringing the ball up and he did seem to pound the rock a bit too much. I trust the coaching staff to work on this and I definitely trust in Reke bouncing back and having much better games. It’s so unfortunate that whenever Martin’s hot, Reke is not. I can’t wait for those guys to get it going in the same game.

Kevin was money. 48 points? Make it look easy Speed!! Every time I see this guy live I come out more and more  impressed. It makes me hate those who ask for him to be traded or that say that all he does is score even more.  Kevin may have his flaws but he’s one of the best at what he does: scoring and the team just needs to find him the perfect complements. I think GP is doing just that. Quick note: don’t like Kevin Martin? You’re a dumbass. Yes, YOU!!

Omri is making me a believer. Great energy off the bench, hit the open shot, and gave the Kings a lift. I still think he shouldn’t start. He’s doing great at his role right now and there’s still bumps on the road to come, so let’e go easy on the guy and keep cheering for him as the main wing off the becnh. I think with Spencer;s game and hopefully his return to the starting lineup, we have a better balance with Mason out there with Reke, Speed, JT, and Hawes. Beno, Casspi, Noc, and May can come off the bench and be effective depending on the lineups and combination. PW is still trying different things but I think he;s slowly recognizing what works in ceratin situations. It’s going  to take time but I like that he is ready to play whoever is giving him the best chance of winning. He’s not shy about trying different things and I commend him for going with what’s working which brings to another player that allows me to go back to my whipping boy theme.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kenny MotherNatting Thomas. K-9 where have you been, boy?? LOL. Now, I’m not going to praise him or say he was key part of the win, but he helped a lot. He got a couple boards in the 1st when no one seem to be able to get one, and played some tough D on Randolph, letting JT rest with foulr trouble. I support seeing Kenny whenever needed.... not too often though.

Noc had an interesting night. Wasn't too effective throughout the game and afer he got subed in the 4th got so fristrated he threw a towel onto the floor and sat by himself at the end of the bench while the rest of the team listened to the coaches. I was really dissapointed at thta until he came back in OT and helped us put the game away. You can tell the guy wants to win so bad, but he also has to realize tha he is part of the problem. Noce, is you play your role, you'll help this team.

May was meh, Brckman had a nice ovation when he came in was also bleh. Sergio got no minutes, Mason did close to nothing, and Donte was in street clothes. Not much to say on that front.

What can I say? It was the perfect night for the whipping boys and they all came through and help this team get its first win. I can deny it, I felt good. It felt so good sending it to OT and just executing at the end. We all needed a win and these guys delivered. Maybeit was ugly and against another bad team, but as far as I know we are now on the winning column and that’s all that matters. You may want to thank those guys you make fun of, criticize, and talk shit about, everyday. Tonight the deserve it.

Sorry for typos, or some grammar mistakes but I just wanted to post something for ya'll and don't ave muh time to review the text as I gotta get some sleep, long work day tomorrow. Hope you all enojyed the win as much as I did. How about them young Kings, huh?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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