Does Tyreke need to play 36+ mpg?

It's more than likely that the Kings finish November with a 7 & 9 record.   December will be the start of the tougher part of the schedule.   We play 15 games against teams with an average winning percentage of .462.   Only 2 teams have a percentage below the Kings .385, although we do play the TWolfs (.071) twice.   Seven of the fifteen games are against Eastern Conference Team, and we were only 1 & 29 against Eastern Conference teams last year.  If were very lucky, maybe we finish December with a 12 & 19 record.  As good as our season has started, we still look to be below 30 wins this year.   .


We lost Cisco to a freak accident, we lost Martin to another injury, and our depth at every position except SF & PG is weak.   It’s going to take time for PW to instill his offensive & defensive philosophies, to the point where they come naturally to our young roster.  Additionally, in only 12 games, Tyreke has injured his ankle and his hand.


So, I’m beginning to wonder if Tyreke needs to play 36+ MPG.   Currently with Cisco & Martin out, PW doesn’t have a better option.   The fact that he played Donte at the 2 when Tyreke was out, kind of proves that.   In fact, PW has played 4 forwards and a guard on more than one occasion.



Certainly, extended minute would help in Tyreke’s efforts to win ROY.   But, from a win/lose standpoint how many more wins can we expect from those extended minutes.   Would his development be inhibited if he only played say 28 to 30 mpg?   Maybe, not being the focal point of the offense, might take some of the pressure off Tyreke, and allow him to ease into his new role more comfortably.


Tyreke is putting up some exceptional numbers already.    19 points, 4.8 assists, 4.6 rebounds, & 1.4 steals per game as a rookie.   And, his 3 turnovers aren’t that far out of line considering his minutes, how much he’s asked to handle the ball, and his penetrating style of offense.   Although some of his entry passes are purely rookie.   If there are any shortcomings it’s in assists, but not unexpected considering his inexperience at the PG position.


I’d like to see Tyreke avoid further injury, and to have the weight of the teams success taken off his back.   I’d like to see him eased into the PG position.   I’d like to see him given time to work on his jump shot, and not feel like he has to attack the basket to carry the team.   In short, I’d like to protect Tyreke and use his rookie season to develop his game, and not burn him out.


Until Martin returns, I’d like to see Tyreke split his minutes evenly between PG & SG.   So, he can spend half his time running the team working on his passing and playmaking.   Then when he’s at SG he can attack the basket like he does now and work on his outside shooting.   I would like to see how well he can shoot when he’s set up and not having to create his own shot.


I would play Tyreke 18mpg at PG and 18mpg at SG

I would play Sergio 30mpg at PG

And I would play Beno 18 mpg at SG with Tyreke, and 12mpg at SG with Sergio


When Martin returns I’d play Tyreke 27-30mpg mostly at PG.   And, backup Tyreke & Martin with a combo of Sergio, Beno, & Cisco.


I know this goes against the FO’s stand that Tyreke is their PG.   But, if the reduced minutes and pressure to perform helps him ease into the PG position and avoid further injury, then we should do it.   The added benefit of getting a better understanding of where we stand as far as backup PG, can’t be ignored.   While the difference in win/lose percentage over the next 6 weeks, will have a negligible effect on our season total.


If Tyreke is the centerpiece of our future, and I think he is, then we need to take our time in developing him and protecting him.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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