What a Kings fan (speaking for myself) is thinking about the 09-10 season so far

Before I continue, I'd like to say that I realize we are not the team we hope to be yet. We are not going to contend for a championship. If we get our game together in an accelerated timetable, we could be a playoff team. But that is also wishful thinking.

It all starts with expectations. We have seen the expectations people had of this team going into the season. From the outside, how many time are we going to see that clip with whom I believe is Jerry Stackhouse saying that it's going to be another bad season in Sacramento? And even in a more implicit way, have you actually seen a King since Webber make it to a nation NBA commercial? And from the fans since so many were quick to write off some of our personnel. I read those apology letters to Kenny and Beno. All I could think of was how badly we, especially myself, overlooked our talent.

Then it occurred to me, we overlooked our roster because of the gross misuse of talent that is Kenny Natt's tenure. Every time there was an interview, it would seem like the coaching staff was trying to slow the game down or make it easier on the players. The players were stuck on Step 1 and 2 of an instruction manual.

These negatives, for the most part, were addressed during the off season. So now, not only is the coaching upgraded, the talent is upgraded. This is the surprise that no one has seen coming. There is extra effort and we are actually competing in games. Sure, we have loss a number of games to poor execution but we are showing potential. Something we never had last year.

That's where the excitement comes from. It's in the fact that we do have a chance at winning games. We are not consistent yet, but you have that "any given Sunday" feeling. The only team that can beat us is ourselves and the Miami Heat. We competed well against the Suns and Spurs. It was just a lack of execution and focus that did us in.

This growing process is bringing people back to Arco and making the Kings relevant. I'm not going to say it's all one person cause it's not. And if I had to give credit to one person, it's Geoff Petrie. This surprising team now has a national televised game on Wednesday (WHICH I AM GOING TO) against a playoff team. I beg people to please go and make Arco roar like the early 2000s, if only for 1 night. Feel the R04R, perhaps? We even have a StR night against the Nuggets. And the thing is, I know that if the Kings can execute, they can beat them.

So this leads me to my three questions I'd want to know from all you StR folks:

1. Does anyone else see Sean May sitting on the bench and feel bad? Not for him, but a feeling like damn what a waste. Something similar to finding out you left your faucet running.

2. What to do with Francisco Garcia. Do we keep him? Then what about Donte and Omri?

3. How will Kevin Martin fit without disrupting chemistry? Although, I think this may be an easier transition than people think. I'd still like to hear your thoughts.

This is how I see things so far from my living room in Natomas, staring at a building that used to be a true sixth man during our glory day. Just remember to stick with your team. That's why we're here.

And remember if all else fails, at least we don't have Chris Cohan and Larry Riley running the team.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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