How much are the Kings players worth?

I wrote a post the other day assessing Beno’s salary value: Here it is:


If the average player makes about $5.85 million a year and there are 15 players on each roster and the average player thus plays 16 minutes a game, would it be fair to conclude that a guy who makes $5.85 million and plays 16 minutes a game with a (so they say) average PER of 15 is fair value?


If so, how much is Beno worth playing 30 minutes a game with a PER of 17.3?


If X / $5.85M = 30*17.3 / 16*15, X = $12.65M a year.


So is Beno a bargain?


After thinking about it a bit I tweaked the formula to include the team’s winning percentage. My rationale is that it’s harder to get playing time on a good team than it is a bad team.


I started thinking about the Kings players stack up and what they are worth this season and what they were worth last year.


The basic stats (minutes played, PER) come from Basketball Reference. Again, here’s the formula:


X (Player’s Salary Value) / $5.85 million = Minutes per game X PER X Team’s Winning Percentage / Average of 16 minutes per game X Average PER of 15 X Average Team Winning Percentage of .500


Injuries hurt a player’s value, so instead of using minutes played per game the player played in, I used minutes played for all the team’s games.


I eliminated all players who were not with the team for the entire season just to make things a little easier to calculate.


Here are the findings:


2008-09 Kings Salary Values (Team Winning Percentage of .207)

* Kevin Martin, $4,600,000

* Jason Thompson, $3,939,000

* Spencer Hawes, $3,614,000

* Beno Udrih, $3,436,000

* Francisco Garcia, $3,427,000

* Donte Greene, $464,000

* Kenny Thomas, $67,000


2009-10 Kings Salary Values (Team Winning Percentage of .455 in 22 games)

* Tyreke Evans, $14,330,000

* Jason Thompson, $13,367,000

* Beno Udrih, $10,466,000

* Spencer Hawes, $8,773,000

* Omri Casspi, $7,279,000

* Andres Nocioni, $6,800,000

* Kevin Martin, $5,331,000

* Donte Greene, $5,219,000

* Sergio Rodriguez, $5,158,000

* Kenny Thomas, $2,218,000

* Jon Brockman, $2,179,000

* Sean May, $613,000

* Francisco Garcia, $0


TOTAL: $81.12 million (does not include Udoka and Mason)


Kevin Martin’s numbers are hurt by his injury problems. If you gave him as many minutes as Tyreke this year and he played at the same level he displayed in his five games, his salary value would be $19,284,000.


It appears the Kings are getting good value for the most part. Hawes’ numbers may be the biggest surprise.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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