The Marvel Kings!

Credit to SavageBeast, LaBradford and JETisKing for planting the seedling in my head for this. Who are the Marvel (with one special exception) heroes which best exemplify our Kings?

Sergio Rodriguez - Johnny Storm


Wait, what?

Much like Johnny, "Surge" has a high energy level, and fervent desire to help his team. Sometimes his lack of discipline comes back to bite him in his butt, but his passion is never in question.


Spencer Hawes - The Incredible Hulk


Wait, what?

If Spencer is completely content with his surroundings, he can tend to disappear unfortunately. But if you can find a way to light a fire under his butt, watch out!


Jon "Mancakes" Brockman - The Thing


Wait, what?

With a heart of gold and elbows of stone, "The Brockness Monster" is more than willing to play a supporting role, as long as he is able to fit in and contribute. Clobberin' time indeed.


Kevin Martin - Silver Surfer


Wait, what?

Before he came along, no one had ever heard of the place that he came from, but with his significant talents and noble attitude he has had a significant influence on the team.


Omri Casspi - Daredevil


Wait, what?

What does a man do that has no fear? Awesome things, that's what! He has been highly trained since a young age, and is blessed with a natural instinct that allows him to anticipate what will happen on the court.


Kenny Thomas - Spawn


Wait, what?

After a well respected career, several setbacks caused many to give him up for dead... But much to everyone's surprise, he has come back to life, and is surprisingly badass!!!


Tyreke Evans - Longshot


Wait, what?

Seemingly purpose built for the game of basketball, Tyreke also seems to have a knack for creating fortuitous situations for himself and his team.

Addendum: Wolverine. Tyreke does not have a graceful style, instead he relies on his toughness and... *ahem* slashing abilities to get to the rim. *snikt snikt*

-Credit to JETisKing in the comment section.


Donte Greene - Iceman


Wait, what?

Widely recognized as a bona fide Omega level talent, he has only now started to realize his potential.


Beno Udrih - Cyclops


Wait, what?

Despite not possessing a very imposing physical presence, Beno has a lethal long-range attack.


Jason Thompson - Colossus


Wait, what?

The opposite of Beno, even when Thompson is at his worst, he is still an imposing physical presence. When he gets himself into trouble early, his true abilities are not able to be taken advantage of. But when he is able to get going, he is nearly unstoppable!


Ime Udoka - Nick Fury


Wait, what?

Ime is a grizzled veteran and the definition of a specialist. He also possesses an intangible "badass-ness" factor, much like Sam Jackson Ultimate Nick Fury.


Sean May - The Blob


Wait, what?

Beating a dead horse is fun.


Andres Nocioni - Iron Man


Wait, what?

Sometimes he can get a little too much of a "me-first" attitude, but he is experienced and about as tough and crafty as they come.


Francisco Garcia - Deadpool


Wait, what?

Not really having any specialties, but being able to do a little bit of everything is Cisco's... Um, specialty. He also possesses a very respectable shot, and is very vocal.



Alright! That's about it! What do y'all think? Do you have anyone that you think would fit better? Post your ideas in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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