OK, so I have just joined the SACTOWN ROYALTY, which I have followed for about a year now.  I have been a kings fan since I was 8, so for about 15 years.  I can truely say that I love this organization and the steps it takes in a small market like sacramento.  Geoff Petrie is a GENIUS!!! and really the only acqusition/trade I blame him for is MIKKI MOORE!! The skinny twig who thought he was tougher than others! Thus, KENNY THOMAS was not able to get into the rotation.  Anyways, I might have a trade that could get fans into the seats and take this overly immpressive team, to the the playoffs and more!  I believe that we should trade Beno, Garcia, Kenny, and Sean May, for T-MAC. 

Reasons for houston- 

Beno is playing well and we should stike while the iron is hot. They have two point gaurds but they are all in their last year of their contract. They can sign one of them (BROOKS) over the summer.  Kenny is an (EC).  Houston needs a two man if the trade McGrady to play alongside Ariza and Brooks.  May, well I know he has trade restriction, but ESPN Trade machine let me do it, so why not! Houston will get almost 10 million off the books this summer, and they will get two respectable gaurds. I dont think anyone doubts that.


A backcourt of Tyreke, Martin , and T- MAC would do wonders.  Tyreke can absolutly do it all.  Martin does not need to be the number one option, to be effective, and hopefully he can score the way he does.  T-MAC can also do it all, and now that he is getting older, he will accept the role of actually being a role player.  He can pass, which helps because (WE DONT HAVE A TRUE POINT IN OUR STARTING LINE_UP) and we want T-MAC on our team when the game is on the line.  As far as his contract goes, we should get 22 or so MILLION off the books this summer.  SO if this experiment works, they sign McGrady over the summer.  If not, then they let him go and try to get you know who!!!! (WISHFUL THINKING)  HEY IT"S CHRISTMAS!!

AT LAST, I worry about mainly one thing and one thing only.  INJURIES!!!  MARTIN AND McGrady are not great (for lack of a better term)  at STAYIN' HEALTHY! 


My 2nd to last comment is to trade for a BIG!  NOC and someone else for a BIG and someone else.  Go ahead and throw out some ideas!

Last comment: Take a look at this 10 man rotation.

1- TYREKE and Sergio

2- MARTIN and Casspi

3- McGRADY and Donte

4 THOMPSON and Brockness (or 2010 draft pick)


HO HO HO I love it! th excitment  will be back at ARCO and we get a big that would hopefully be able to produce alongside Martin and Tyreke.

 A little gift for those that love tkin' TRADES!!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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