The View from Section 204: Douchebag edition

There's some things I don't understand in life. Why is Wendy's soooo good? How did I live 23 years of my life without HDTV? and why are 90% of Lakers fans douchebags? I just don't get it. How can almost a whole fan base be made of bandwagoners who don't know much about the sport? Granted there is that 10% of knowledgable fans that prevents them from winning the label of worst group of humans in the world but damn!! I feel that if I keep thinking about this my head may explode so I'm just going to leave at that.

I don't have much player observations; it was a crazy game and I couldn't concentrate on any of that. I was light headed by mid 3rd from the screaming and just couldn't pay attention to anyone in particular. I'll just write as much as I can remember

 Way too many Lakers fans, waaayyy too many. Arco was full, no doubt about that and it was probably 60% Kings fans and 40% annoying, loud, obnoxious Lakers fans. I can almost guarantee that they had no idea who that guy guarding Kobe was (Udoka, Greene). I really don't want to insult about 7000 people so I'll just let it go. I'm dissapointed that I couldn't rub it in their faces at the end, but I still left with my head held high as the effort by the young guys was great yet again. Of course it's impossible for the douchebags to realize that. They're too caught up in hanging from Kobe's balls. OK, I'll stop now... for real this time.

Arco was rocking most of the night. We were going back and forth with Lakers fans and just being able to keep up was awesome. Make no mistake about it, Gasol missed all those FTs at the end because of us. Arco was literally shaking while he was at the line. He choked because of the 6th man; I was damn proud of that.

I'm not one to blame the refs but the ratio of bad calls was about 2:1 in favor of the Lakers. That flop by Kobe in the second was just unbelievable. I hope they show that to him with a camera crew around to see his reaction. Aside from that, there were many doubtful calls at the end of the game and some in OT. Even with that we had the chance to win so we can't dwell on that much. We just got beat by a better team.... and the refs (ok, I couldn't help it)

I thought the game was interesting because I can't really remember any particular King having an excellent game. Not Reke, not JT, not Hawes, not Donte, not Omri, not Beno, no one really had a GREAT game. They all had good games, and not one of them had a bad game, so maybe that's why we were able to stay in this and had a chance to win it... twice.

If I was forced to lay blame on someone tonight, it would have to be on coach PW. The isos for Reke just didn't work. Why not run a normal set and move the ball around instead of just having our 20 year old rookie go one-on-one with the second (yes, second!) best player in the game and a great defender? With Beno in the game, we could have put the ball in his hand and have Reke catch and drive to the hoop, or something. I thought we nedeed to get creative and we just didn't. This happened at the end of regulation, and also at the end of the 1st OT. We could've finish them if that jumper by Reke would've fallen.... but it didn't so that's that.

All of this being said, I have no problem with Reke again trying to win it at the end. Stealing from section in the game threads, I don't remember anyone complaining when he won the game against the Bucks, or when he owned the last 2 minutes against the Bulls. Consistency people! If we're going to go nuts for him winning us some games, let's not turn on him because he couldn't make the plays against much better D. Again, I thought it was up to coach to do something different but he felt giving the experience to Tyreke was more important. I have no problem with that whatsover.

Quck note on that: There was a gentlemen (up there in age) that was pissed at Reke most of the game because he didn't move the ball enough. What he failed to realize is that a lot of these plays are isos for him to drive, especially when he's matched up against a big guy. During the game the crowd also got a bit restless about him holding on to the ball and that got me thinking: would Hornets fans yell to CP3 to move the ball is he held it for most of the clock? Would Cavs fans with LeBron? Would Blazers fans with Roy? I just think we're a bit impatient because Reke is not an established superstar yet. If he was, we would have no problem with him holding onto the ball. The more he wins games for us, the easier it will be for us to accept to lose games because of his decisions. It just takes time.

Size was a big problem at first and Lakers got at least one tip after every missed basket but the Kings kept fighting and fighting. Not sure about the final numbers but I thought we did a much better job in the second and OTs at rebounding the ball.

Ball movement was great at times, and bad at other times. Yes, Reke needs to learn to move the ball more... that's on him to learn. He's been so good that we just forget he's a 20 year old rookie. I don't see any indication he's not going to learn.

Defense was fairly good I thought. Donte did an awesome job on Kobe at the end. I was so proud of seeing the guy truly stop a great player a couple times. I hope this is a boost of confidence for his work on that end of the floor. Spencer had a good game as well with his steals, passes, and especially his D on Gasol and Bynum. He got blocked a bit too much but that's just part of who he is. He doesn't have the srenght to go up and power the ball through the hoop, and a shot blocking frontcourt like the Lakers is just not a good matchup on that regard.

Quiet game by JT and same for Sergio, who I thought forced things a bit and had a couple bad TOs. Noce probably playerd like 6 uneventful minutes. He's getting traded as soon as we can get expirings for him, no doubt. Omri I thought had a rough start but got better as the game went by. Wasn't his best game, for sure, but still found ways to be effective. Beno came in shooting and had the crazy shot at the end of the 2nd that got Arco to go nuts.

To repeat: this is why I thought it was so crazy that we had a chance to win this game against a championship contender, no one had a clear great game but we still almost stole one. Big ups to the young guys... unfortunately we're still young. That will not stop being an excuse anytime soon and why would it? It's less than 30 games into the season and we're already going to OT games against championship contenders with a chance to win them. That's just insane to me and I'm damn proud of the Kings for doing that.

We will overanalyze why we lost and missed those opportunities but the truth is that once again, we shocked the world. Maybe not all the way, but we still competed and fought toe-to-toe against the bad guys from the south... gotta love that.

I love this team!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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