The View from Seat P-7

That was really a blast!

I really enjoy being surrounded by people who know what is going on out on the court. The company I work for has season tickets, so I get to go to games periodically, but as often as not, the occupants of the seats have no concept of what's happening and they barely care. The most incisive analysis you're likely to hear is "We're up by two." I've said it before and I'll say it again: There is no correlation at all between the price of the ticket and the knowledge of the occupant (unless it's a reverse correlation).

Talk about a contrast. We in the StR crowd were talking constantly, alternately analyzing the game or yelling something hilarious. I sat among Ed, LTTG, Pookey, and Mustang, and it was a blast. Pookey's only mistake is that he forgot to bring his megaphone so that he could yell "Peaches is a Tool" at 120 decibels every 30 seconds or so. Ed is now our Prophet-in-Chief, and we looked to him to reassure us every time Denver went on a run and took the lead. Meanwhile, Mustang, LTTG, and I had a running commentary going in Row P that pretty much exceeded any in-game experience I’ve ever had.

I had a co-worker friend down in Section 115, so I’ll have to ask him if he heard us. The most obvious times would have been when Kenny entered the game in the first half and our entire section erupted in chants of "Woof! Woof!", or at the end of the game when Serge was trying to ice the game at the line and all of the sudden a loud "Peaches" chant arose from the upper reaches of Section 214 (the place, not the man). Actually, I think our timing was off because Serge missed a free throw and Donté looked right at us as if to say: "What the hell are you guys doing up there!"

Aykis was seated in the junior section off to the left between a nine year old and a couple of non-StR types, and I will say this: The man is focused. I’ve seen this guy work, and he takes in all of the action on and off the court. He misses nothing. I hereby declare Aykis our resident basketball savant.

Finally, after the game, we all trooped down onto the floor, and what a motley crew we were (meant in a good way). Several people were proudly wearing their Peaches shirts and chanting his beloved moniker on the way down. I was urging us to be on relatively good behavior, and we really were, because I was a bit concerned we might get bounced out of there if we started jeering Peaches too persistently.

After our photo shoot, I commented to Aykis on the contrast in StR attitudes toward Peaches and JR. The former is universally derided, but if Jerry had joined us we probably would have given the guy a group hug. I will say (and I know Aykis agrees with me) that I think Peaches is a good TV play-by-play guy, and if he did nothing else he might have been reasonably well liked by us, if only because we wouldn’t really know the guy. Maybe Peaches will have Reggie Theus on his radio show so that they can spend an hour talking about all of the miscreants from rural areas polluting the arena on StR night.

By the way, there was also a game being played, and it was a helluva good one at that. I am quite persuaded that it was our energy that tipped the scales and willed the team to victory over an elite competitor (even if we did throw Serge off at the end there).

So in closing, I just want to say: "Well done, fellow bloggers. Well done indeed!"

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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