The Sacramento Kings so far...



While juggling Varsity basketball, school, work and playing countless hours devouring my opponents with Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson in NBA 2K10, I have been a devoted Kings fan who watches every game. I have read numerous threads on here without posting (creepy to say the least, I know) and I've decided to give my input on how I think the Kings have performed thus far.


Point Guards

1. Tyreke Evans - 36.3 mins | 20.1 pts | 5 ast | 5.2 reb | 3.1 to | 47% FG | 27% 3FG | 77% FT

Tyreke Evans has surpassed any sort of expectation I had for him so far. I admit, I never was a college hoops watcher [unless it was UNC, yeah] and I didn’t know him coming into the draft and I wasn’t rooting for him to get drafted by the Kings. I knew Brandon Jennings, Jonny Flynn, hell even Ricky Rubio. I thought if it wasn’t one of these guys we were in for another 17 win season, but boy am I happy I was proved wrong. This guy is a stud. He definitely knows how to take it to the rack with ease, and will even knock down jumpers for us night in and night out. He is a leader, a clutch player, and one hell of a teammate. Sure, he doesn’t pass like Ricky Rubio, but if we didn’t have Tyreke Evans, that’s 3-7 wins we wouldn’t have right now. He surpassed every rookie so far, and the ROY spot is his to lose. This guy will be deadly if he develops a decent jumper, so I’m excited for future seasons.

Overall:  A-

2. Beno Udrih - 30.1 mins | 14 pts | 3.9 ast | 2.4 reb | 1.6 to | 53% FG | 45% 3FG | 87% FT

At the end of last season, I can say I was disappointed in Beno's uninspired play. He didn’t seem to care, he didn’t seem to try and he gave up early on. I was pissed at the contract he signed. Sure he played well, but there was NO way he deserved the full MLE. This season is the reemergence of Beno. I think he deserves an apology from all of us that wanted him gone. Now he's playing with a vengeance and he's shooting extremely well. He meshes well with Tyreke, but my concern is Beno will receive a huge dip in PT with Cisco and K-Mart comes back.

Overall: A

3. Sergio Rodriguez - 14 mins | 6.2 pts | 3.2 ast | 1.4 reb | 1.4 to | 45% FG | 40% 3FG | 74% FT

I have to admit, I was siked when the Kings received Sergio. Its ironic how in video games, Sergio always made it to the Kings roster [well I had to get rid of Beno somehow]. He is a poor man's Rubio IMO and a great pickup. He passes the ball and is a fan favorite. "Spanish Chocolate" reminds me of Jason "White Chocolate" Williams. Teammates love running the floor with Sergio and Sergio knows how to make the crowd go wild. He hasn’t been consistent, but he has put up great numbers in limited minutes.

Overall: B


Shooting Guards

1. 41.8 mins | 30.6 pts | 2.6 ast | 5.4 reb | 2 stl | 1.4 to | 42% FG | 48% 3PG | 86% FT

Kevin Martin is a great player, an All-Star, and a good teammate. He is injury prone sure, but when healthy is one of the most efficient players in the game today. If the Kings are going to contend for a playoff spot in the future, K-Mart and 'Reke will be the ones to lead them there. Tyreke is going to need someone to hit big shots when he can’t get to the basket and Kevin is that guy. Some say they can’t coexist but I believe they can if Kevin doesn’t dominate the ball as often as he did the 5 games before he went down with injuries. Most of the teams in the league don’t have enough defensive stoppers to stop two great players, and if one gets locked down, the other can pick up the slack. You can’t double team both guys [if you did it would leave guys like Noc and Omri open]. He will come back from injury strong and will share the ball effectively with 'Reke.


2.  Donte Greene - 18.5 mins | 8.2 pts | 1 ast | 2.5 reb | 1.4 to | 45% FG | 34% 3PG |53% FT

Donte has cooled down since his amazing start to the season. I have to admit, last year I was regretting getting rid of Ron-Ron, but...yeah...I still regret it. Greene has shown flashes of improved play, but why is a 6'11 guy only averaging 2.5 rebounds a game? I don’t care if you’re a freakin shooting guard, grab some boards already. He still seems in love with the three, but is turning into quite the defensive stopper. His future with the Kings is already looking FAR brighter than anyone could have imagined at the end of last season.

Overall: B-

3.  Ime Udoka – 14.5 mins | 3.9 pts | 1 ast | 2.9 reb | 38% FG | 23% 3PG |91% FT

When the Kings picked him up I was happy it was because they got rid of the horrid Desmond Mason. They got a veteran player who is an above average defender (although he wasn’t as blown out to be an EXTREME defender, as they made Desmond Mason out to be) and a guy who can hit a shot every now and then, unlike Mason. He is turning out to be a solid pickup altogether. I want to see how the Kings will use Udoka when Garcia and Martin return. I hope he can still find a spot in the rotation.

[OK, maybe I am a little biased on Udoka. I got to meet him when he went to my work [downtown plaza Movie Theater] and we talked for quite a long time, it was Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly…good guy, good guy]

Small Forwards


A freak accident sidelined Cisco before the season even started. At first, I saw it as another excuse to have a bad season. Now I do NOT want him to come back. I believe he is a great player (has a solid three point stroke and an energetic defender), but he is going to take minutes from Omri Casspi and Donte Greene. Let’s say when he comes back, should we consider moving ‘Noce? I think so, that way Garcia can easily slide back into the rotation without shortening minutes for Casspi. Remember, if Garcia didn’t pop an injury (cruel I know, lol) we never would have seen Greene break out, or Casspi develop as quick as he has. So it’s a blessing he did ‘drop the ball’ [alright, I’ll stop].


2.     Andres Nocioni – 25.5 mins | 10.9 pts |1.4 ast | 3. 9 reb |41% FG | 35% 3PG | 64% FT

At first, I really liked the trade for Nocioni, but now...something about him makes me want to pull my hair out. I don’t know what he does each and every night, but I find myself wanting to throw my remote at my television. Sure he takes bad shots sometimes, but he is one of our better defenders. He definitely has my vote to lose minutes when Garcia and Martin come back, possibly even for a trade.

Overall: C [was at a D until he carried us to a win against Denver]

3.     Omri Casspi – 24.5 mins | 11.5 pts | 1.1 ast | 3.8 reb | 51% FG | 46% 3PG | 60% FT

Omri has officially impressed me to the point where I want him to be our starting small forward now until he retires a King [something tells me he is extremely loyal]. I never heard of him at all coming into the draft. I actually had a plan that would have gotten three of my UNC players in Sacramento, and Omri wasn’t the person I wanted on board. Boy was I wrong. His free-throw stroke is getting better after a horrible start and he is becoming a poor man’s Peja with his ability to hit the three. And to think I wanted the Kings to get Tyler Hansborough @ #4, Ty Lawson @ #19, and Danny Green @ #31…yeah, did I mention I was a UNC fan?

Overall: B

Power Forwards

1.     Jason Thompson – 35 mins | 15.4 pts | 2.1 ast | 9.2 reb | 1.1 blk | 3.9 fouls | 51% FG | 74% FT

Jason Thompson has developed into quite the ‘double-double’ machine. I believe for years to come he could develop into quite the stud. Once he learns how to stop complaining to the refs and stops picking up stupid fouls he could potentially be one of the better inside-outside posts in the league. He is the only Kings player to play all 82 games last season, and is improving on all aspects of his game. I imagine him being a threat for most teams on any given night, and he has surpassed any questions on how a guy from Rider would do in the pros.

Overall: B+ [foul trouble]

2.     Kenny Thomas – 14 mins | 1.8 pts | 0.7 ast | 4.1 reb | 47% FG | 58% FT

Woof! I was actually surprised with Paul Westphal actually subbed K-9 into a game this season, and he has impressed me quite a bit. He can totally rebound at a decent rate, but can’t do much else. I still don’t like him, and I’m looking forward to when his contract expires, or better yet – when we trade him.

Overall: C-

3.     Jon Brockman – 10.1 mins | 2.3 pts | 0.4 ast | 3.6 reb | 1.7 fouls | 55% FG | 44% FT

MANCAKES, BROCKNESS MONSTER, GOD… whatever you call him this guy is a SAVAGE! He is a 6’10 dude trapped in a 6’7 body. In summer league, this guy was grabbing every board. I love the way he plays. I remember searching Real GM every day, hoping to find out if he finally signed a contract. When he is in the game he intimidates everyone on the court, and he isn't afraid to throw an elbow or two. I want to see his minutes increase, but I want him to develop a more polished offensive/defensive game, because I want to see him to good in this league.

Overall: B


1.     Spencer Hawes – 27 mins | 10.3 pts | 1.8 ast | 5.8 reb | .96 block | 47% FG | 24% 3PG | 76% FT

Spencer Hawes was one of my favorite players until this season. He has really disappointed me, and Paul Westphal isn't making this easy for him. He needs to want to compete each and every night, and not pick and chose when to have good games. I haven’t given up on him, but I have given up on any hopes of him averaging a double-double, or even upping his 3PG%. He wants to fit in Westphal ‘play down low’ mantra, but he needs to be able to shoot the jumpers every now and then.

Overall: D

2.     Sean May – 10.9 mins | 3 pts | 0.6 ast | 1,8 reb | 41% FG | 75% FT

Yeah, I didn’t like this signing at all. Good thing it was a ‘no risk’ signing. No comment.

Overall: D-


1.     Desmond Mason – 13.2 mins | 2.6 pts | 2.6 reb | 0.8 TO | 42% FG

No comment.



I have to admit, I am quite happy with the direction this team is going. It’s hard to believe it changed overnight after we drafted 3 rookies. We are nearing the win amount we had all of last season, and already tied our home wins from last year. This team is fun to watch now. We already have a National game under our belt, a lock for ROY, 3-4 players who will be in the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge, and many of people are starting to see it. Everyone had us at the bottom of the conference this season, and we are challenging for a playoff spot while staying close to .500, now who would of thought?




[Side note: NBA 2K10's trade logic is wack. The Magic offered by Dwight Howard and Marcin Gorat for Spencer Hawes and Kenny Thomas. Of course I accepted that. Now if only in real life...]

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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