The Mystical Caverns of the Valley of Kings.

In the Valley of Kings, the land that men call Sacramento, there exists a series of mystical caverns, which the locals call "Arcorena".  In the past, these caverns and her creatures proved dangerous and often fatal to unwanted foreigners passing through.  Few passed through and lived to tell the tale. 

But since the exodus of the great Warden Adelman and the disappearance of some of the older and stronger creatures, passage has been relatively safe.  Warriors from different lands were easily able to pass through, for the creatures within offered little resistance, and several pretenders to the title of Warden failed to gain control long enough to do much of anything.

But a new Warden has arrived from the foreign land of Westphalia, and since his arrival, the caverns have become much more dangerous.  Travelers disappear and do not return, and the ones that do survive tell of strange, new creatures, that attack with an amazing ferocity. 

Two giants live within the caves some say.  The taller one, although more skilled than the other at slaughtering opponents in melee, takes a savage pleasure in throwing boulders at his victims from a distance.  The older one prefers to wear his victims down, as he is filled with seemingly limitless stamina and seems immune to normal injuries.  He also excels at finishing the work the other creatures started.

Then there is one of the newer creatures, the beast known as Jewbacca.  It's rage is palpable, and it goes for its opponents heart each and every time.  Looking into its face can whither even the strongest man's resolve.  Strangely, this creature seems to have trouble killing an opponent when they are completely helpless, but reports are that this is slowly becoming less of a problem, as we were warned by Lawrence of Frankia, who lost many of his men to this faulty strategy, and who himself died shortly thereafter from his wounds.


Others speak of a creature even more frightening, a creature that feasts on cakes it makes of men. They call this force of nature the Brock Ness Monster.  It is not the most skilled of monsters, but it is relentless in its attacks, and will continue to bash its enemies into submission, even at the cost of hurting itself.  Nobody is safe from the Brock Ness Monster, not even the other creatures of the caves.


By far the most versatile monster of the caverns is the Point Gerberus, a three headed beast that has few weaknesses.  The middle and most prominent head is also the fiercest, constantly attacking and snapping at its preys ankles, hoping to break them and render it immobile and humbled.  It also confuses its prey by misleading it and making the prey believe that its not a real Point Gerberus, but something else altogether.

The left head is at its most dangerous when things are going badly for the Point Gerberus, and then it attacks with a quiet ferocity that drains the opponents momentum.  Few had trouble with this head last year, when it appeared morose and lax, but the new Warden has instilled a new vigor and energy into it.

The right head is quick as lightning, and is highly skilled at leading its opponents to be eaten by the other creatures of the caverns.  But it has no problem landing the killing blow itself.


There are other creatures in the caverns as well of course, and some say the Warden is nursing a couple of the more powerful ones back to health as we speak.  Who knows how dangerous the caverns and its inhabitants will be then.

So be wary if you must travel through Arcorena, my friends.  Even if you survive, the journey will be arduous.  Don't say ye weren't warned of your peril.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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