Evaluating the Point Guards of the 2009 NBA Draft Part 1

In reading articles and watching games around the country there has been a lot of discussion about how talented this class is and given Tyreke and Brandon have both been awarded Rookie of the Month for their respective conferences I thought it would be interesting to see how the class is comparing so far.

I have compiled some stats on all the guards that play the 1 or share time at the 1 that were drafted this year in all games played through Dec 6th, 2009. Brandon, Tyreke, Jonny, Stephen are all everyday starters so far and their numbers all are fairly solid across the board. Brandon and Tyreke are way ahead on scoring with Brandon, Tyreke and Stephen well ahead of expectations for assists. Tyreke and Stephen are also leading the pack in steals, while only Tyreke is well ahead of everyone in rebounding.

Based on the above it is easy why people are thinking that Tyreke may win rookie of the year honors based on his progress thus far.

As you read how each compares statistically below, I am curious how you think they all compare. I expect there will be some spirited debate on who ranks tops across the following areas:

Best value based on draft position: Which guard has most exceeded expectations given where they were drafted?

My answer is Darren Collison. If you said future value I might lean Maynor, but Collison is doing a great job backing up CP3 and against his rookie class is 4th in minutes, ppg, assists, free throws. He leads our rookie class in FT% and is 3rd in 3Pt%.

Most valuable player to their team: Given all factors who is most effecting the success of their respective team?

My answer is Brandon Jennings. He leads his team in minutes played, shots made, 3 Pts made, free throws, assists, steals and is utilized in almost 30% of the offensive plays when he is on the floor even when Luke Ridnour takes over as the PG. He is the only player on the Bucks that has started every game.

Biggest star potential: Based on what they have accomplished so far who will make the biggest impact in the league?

My answer is Tyreke Evans. Brandon will end up being like Allen Iverson; scoring on anyone, with maybe even better passing skills. He will be too quick for other PGs in the league but his size will make it tough for him when they put a big versatile 2 on him or when he has to guard a big athletic 1 or even a speedy pg. Tyreke, will be more like a Dwayne Wade where he can score at will as well but be able to play and defend multiple positions and have the most triple double opportunities in his class. So, given the option, I love me some Tyreke.


Player    Draft#    G  GS   Min  PPG    FG%   3Pt%  FTs    FT%    A  Rbs  Stls  TOs  USG% PFs
Brandon Jennings 10 19 19 35.3 21.3 41.4% 44.8% 62 78.5% 5.8 3.9 1.1 3 29.9 2.1
Tyreke Evans 4 18 18 35.8 19.9 45.7% 28.2% 90 79.6% 4.9 5 1.4 3 26.1 3.1
Jonny Flynn 6 20 20 29.3 14.0 43.6% 32.1% 56 82.4% 3.9 2.5 1.1 3.2 24.9 1.4
Darren Collison 21 15 8 22.5 10.9 43.3% 41.2% 40 90.9% 4.2 2.3 0.9 1.8 24.1 1.1
Stephen Curry 7 19 16 31.6 10.4 43.4% 37.0% 25 80.6% 5.1 3.2 1.7 2.9 16.5 3.6
Ty Lawson 18 20 0 21.3 8.9 52.4% 50.0% 35 79.5% 3.4 2.1 0.8 1.4 17.5 1.3
Toney Douglas 29 18 2 14 7.6 50.9% 34.9% 6 75.0% 0.7 1.1 0.4 0.8 23.3 1.6
Eric Maynor 20 17 2 15.7 6.4 40.4% 21.1% 20 83.3% 3.5 1.4 0.6 1.1 22.8 1.5
Jru Holiday 17 13 5 15.4 5.3 38.4% 33.3% 4 57.1% 2 1.7 0.8 1.4 21.4 1.6
Ricky Rubio 5 inc.  
Jack McClinton 51 inc.                          
AJ Price 52 inc.  
Patrick Beverley 42 inc.                          
Jeff Teague 19 inc.                        

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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