Ranking the Kings players

Trying to quickly digest what we have, I ran some quick numbers on both the holdovers and incoming players on a "what have you done for me lately" basis.


I took this season's PER and multiplied it times minutes per game to get a quick and dirty analysis on how the players stack up based on this year's performance. Here's what I came up with:


1. Kevin Martin, PER 19.2, MIN 38.1 = 732.

2. Drew Gooden, PER 15.4, MIN 29.6 = 456.

3. Beno Udrih, PER 12.7, MIN 30.3 = 385.

4. Francisco Garcia, PER 14.0, MIN 26.8 = 375.

5. Jason Thompson, PER 13.2, MIN 26.6 = 351.

6. Spencer Hawes, PER 12.0, MIN 27.2 = 326.

7. Andres Nocioni, PER 11.4, MIN 24.1 = 275.

8. Bobby Jackson, PER 11.3, MIN 19.0 = 215.

9. Rashad McCants, PER 10.0, MIN 18.7 = 187.

10. Will Solomon, PER 13.9, MIN 12.8 = 178.

11. Donte Greene, PER 7.8, MIN 12.9 = 101.

12. Cedric Simmons, PER 18.0, MIN 5.5 = 99.

13. Kenny Thomas, PER 8.8, MIN 7.8 = 69.

14. Ike Diogu, PER 11.5, MIN 3.8 = 44.

15. Calvin Booth, PER 39.7, MIN 1.0 = 40.


Just for comparison, let’s take a last look at the two key guys we shipped out as well as a guy who plays for Cleveland:

John Salmons, PER 16.2, MIN 37.4 = 606.

Brad Miller, PER 15.9, MIIN 31.5 = 501.

LeBron James, PER 32.0, MIN 37.6 = 1,203.


It’s pretty obvious this Kings team is now officially Kevin Martin and everyone else.


If you assumed the players will play about the same amount of minutes they’ve played this year, you’d start to run out of minutes after McCants. If you take Gooden out of the equation while he is hurt, that would extend through Donte.


Since Brad Miller played his last game for the Kings Jan. 30, Spencer has averaged 34 minutes a game and JT more than 31. I’d expect that to continue. Donte played 18 minutes last night and I’d think he’s going to get about that a night if not more going forward. I don’t think we have enough point guard minutes available to see much of Solomon, but who knows.


My guess is that Simmons, Thomas and Booth aren’t going to suit up much going forward.


Nocioni, McCants and Diogu have all posted better numbers in previous seasons.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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