What Would Eddie Jordan Do?

(Note: I'm from Jersey and Jordan's role in the Net's success in the early 2000's should not be overlooked.  This is more of a fanshot, but the archives of the Star Ledger are N/A)

EDIT FROM TZ: Though the Star-Ledger's archives are forked, I'm not comfortable posting an entire copyright-covered article. Snips below. It's a 2003 article on Byron Scott and Eddie Jordan.

[S]omehow, there is a perception Scott can't coach. It's a school of thought that says Scott was merely a front man, Jordan was the brains behind the team's motion offense, and Scott will now be exposed.

Nets president Rod Thorn calls that a "misperception," calls the idea that Jordan really ran the team a "misconception" and says Scott hasn't gotten enough credit. Scott says the Jordan talk, "sounds like backstabbing to me" and says the Byron-can't-coach movement was started by people within the organization - people he will not name - who resented his rapid success.

"I've been pretty successful since I've been in the league. I've won some championships and done some pretty good things," Scott said. "A lot of it is envy, a lot of it is jealousy, and probably a lot of it is started by people who were close to me - people in the organization. But I don't allow that stuff to bother me." [...]

"The guys are looking at him pretty closely," forward Rodney Rogers said. "Last year when we had pregame talks it was Eddie doing all the talking. Now it's Byron doing all the talking. It's a different approach. Last year guys were sometimes wondering if he could talk. People were wondering if he could handle the team without Eddie around. Now we'll find out." [...]

Scott said the final 20 minutes, where [Lawrence] Frank does most of the talking, are not a representative sample of his practices.

"You can ask the players: Ninety percent of the practice I run," Scott said. "they hear my voice most of the time."

In single-blind poll of four players - single-blind in that the players were not told about what Scott said about his practices - Jefferson, Rogers, Collins and Harris indicated they heard Frank's voice the most in practice. [...]

"He wasn't the brains of everything we did," Scott said. "Defensively, we're the same as we were three years ago. Our players just got better. Offensively, with the Princeton offense, I was with Pete Carril (the offense's creator) in Sacramento before I came here.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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