UNC vs. Kings

(From the FanPosts. -- TZ)

"You've got six NBA players that could be drafted in the first round or early second," Spartans guard Travis Walton said. "You're looking at a team that could probably beat the worst team in the NBA."

Okay Sparty, you've thrown down the gauntlet - as the trash of the NBA that has a magic number for the high allotment of lottery balls.  Let's break down this matchup.

Royal Purple vs. Carolina Blue

PG - Beno Udrih vs. Tywon Lawson  --  Big advantage UNC.  The more I see Lawson, the more I like him.  He's physical yet still quick and causes disruption on the defensive end as witnessed by his NCAA record 8 steals.  Beno has 4 inch height advantage but Beno post up someone, right!  From rebound to foul line, Lawson pushes before the transition D can set up.  The stability of UNC, became way more important than Psycho T to that team.  No brainer if still available with 2nd 1st round pick but his play in the tourney probably took away that possibility - I'd be willing to trade up.  Lawson + Griffin would make consider season tix.

SG - Kevin Martin vs. Wayne Ellington -- Advantage Kings.  While Ellington is smooth, he couldn't guard Martin.  If Martin actually played defense, he could disrupt him but I wouldn't count on it since the Kings can never count on it.  But in a shootout, I'd take the NBA proven Martin and his ability to get to line repeatedly.  Martin has 3 inches on him but sadly gives up 15 lbs.

SF - Andres Nocioni vs. Danny Green -- Advantage Kings.  I'd like Nocioni on Hansborough defensively.  He'd out tough him and actually has an athletic advantage.  Green could give Nocioni some problems athletically but he's too inconsistent to be a goto force.  Garcia could sub defensively to neutralize Green and Deon Thompson wouldn't get his second chance looks against an NBA sized frontline.

PF - Jason Thompson vs. Tyler Hansborough -- Big advantage Kings.  JT's athleticism and grit would show Psycho T what the big boys are all about.  Hansborough is late 2nd round at best.  JT would love to show up the hype of UNC with his small school credentials.

C - Spencer Hawes vs. Deon Thompson/Ed Davis -- Big Advantage Kings.  Hawes has a varied game at 7 feet and Deon is only 6 '8''.  My guess is Huckleberry Hound would go to Ed Davis who is a legit 6'`0'' who will probably be highest NBA pick on the UNC roster when he comes out.  Hawes would be only 3 years older but 3 years of NBA experience wiser.

Bench - Ginyard, Drew III vs. Garcia, BJax - Obviously huge advantage Kings since, as an NBA team, they have a roster full of college superstars, but bench has a lot to do with the next category. 

Coaching - Kenny Natt vs. Roy Williams - Huge advantage UNC.  Okay, Roy may not know the NBA game (nor does he probably want to) but at least he has two rings and a bunch of final fours.  Natt has nine years of hearing Sloan scream near his ear and one year of Lebron management.

As the reigning worst team in the NBA, I'd take Kings 115 - UNC 86 and winning 9 out of 10 (with Martin getting hurt at least once.)  Sorry Walton, I think you give UNC too much credit and the Kings not enough.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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