There is an elephant in the room and it is $green$



Where does the almighty dollar reside in the Kings court? The green behemoth sits firmly on the throne that is the Maloofs.  With heavy losses expected this season and a panic appearing shoring up of the castle treasury the Kingdom is in trouble.

We read earlier this season of the dismissal of many Kings staff in the offices, video departments and elsewhere. Press buffets stopped.  On the player front, deals to extricate the salaries of Brad Miller, (John Salmons included to sweeten the deal) and Mikki Moore, Sheldon Williams, Quincy Douby brought the arrival of 7 new players, all but one an expiring contract. Drew Gooden and Will Solomon dismissed early.  Kenny Natt promoted to interim Coach to help offset the salaries of Reggie Theus and Eric Musselman as the once standing room only Arco Arena was left standing with room only. The prospects for a new, bigger and more prestigious stadium are between bleak and luke warm. Feeling the shortfall to come – the NBA offers bailout money which the Maloofs anxiously accept.

Ok, so, you might be saying bte – wtf? You probably say that after most of my comments. My point is, moving forward from here, how much of an influence does that thinning wallet play in the decision making process?

Will the choice of Head Coach be a financial one? Will a draft deal that could be a stronger step to a more winning future be limited by the stance that added costs are verboten? Is staying under the cap not a bargaining position but a cost containment commitment?

Is Paul Westphal at $1.5M/year x 3 years (total $4.5M)the leading candidate over, say, Eddie Jordan at $3M/year x 4 years ($12M-$4M Bullet money = $8M)? Is it Chuck Norris over Like Diogu as there is a retainer price of $3.2M?

How much credence will you, fellow Sacramento King fans place on the upcoming decisions as financially motivated vs. talent motivated (they are not mutually exclusive but still). Am I expecting too much or too little?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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