Post Stern-Screw Draft Plans

4 is the tougest pick of all.... Stern has put small-market Sacto again in the worst possible position it can be in, and once again gave the top pick to the biggest market possible. Also funny that Memphis gets their promised reward for giving Pau Gasol to the league-sponsored Lakers.

Anyways, I know he isn't rated this high, but I love Ty Lawson and I think he is going to be a star in this league. I mean, playing on the biggest stage of college basketball last season, he dominated in every phase of the game. His scoring efficiency is amazing in both 2 pt. and 3 pt, his passing skills and ball-handling are elite..... and he plays a position of need. Seems like a no-brainer, except he is only 5'11....

Some might be calling for Jrue Holiday or Jordan Hill instead, but we have bodies inside (solid players) and Jason Thompson is very good and will only get better. Jrue Holiday is a bigger point guard, but he is not the offensive scoring threat or distributer that Lawson is. I mean, would you rather have Chris Paul or Steve Blake?

23..... ugh. I have a feeling we miss out by 1 or 2 picks on some really good talent. In the NBA's shitty system, guys can still pull out, so it is hard to tell, but Ganai Lawal might be there, and there is talk he is a tough player with upside. Unless Mullens falls, there aren't any true centers in that range, so if we want a post we are going to have to settle for a PF type. If we take a SF, there are some prospects in that range that are destined to probably be role-players. Chase Budinger might be a good find in that range, he is long and a streaky shooter, and has good skills if not elite athleticism.


31. This is actually an excellent pick, because it allows us to get the best of the 2nd tier of Euro prospects who have buyouy issue. Guys, MILAN MACVAN! This dude is a tough, strong player.... and old-school player who showed well against top young talent. He is only 19, and is compared to Kevin Love Jr.  I really like what I've heard about him, and we can stash him and let him develop until he is ready. Another option here is Victor Clavor, a big, lethal shooting forward from Spain. I'd love to buy a 2nd and get them both.

If we bought a 2nd from the Suns or Hawks, we could likely take a flyer on skilled giant Boban Marjonavic.  :  )


4. Ty Lawson

23. BJ Mullens/Chase Budinger

31. Milan Macvan

3_. Victor Claver

4_. Boban!

Pray for Stern to die before next season, and maybe we will get Donatas Montiejunas. Otherwise, we will pick no higher than 4th even if we finish last again.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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