Post Lottery Mock 1.0

One quick glance below and you'll notice this is a best case scenario (not taking trades into consideration.)  It's rather unanimous (at least currently) that were Rubio available at No. 4 he would be selected.  In yesterday's conversation with Peaches and Lamb, Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated remarked that he had recently returned from Spain where he shared a flight with Petrie from Madrid to Barcelona. (eduardo_m7 also elaborated on this conversation here.) (The podcast has not yet been uploaded on the KHTK website.)  Thomsen believed that if the Kings had received the first overall selection Petrie was high enough on Rubio to have selected him over Griffin.  However, via his own mock at CNNSI, Thomsen felt that Rubio would likely no longer be available to the Kings at No. 4.  (Thomsen had them selecting Evans instead.)

Despite this, and having taken DX's recent information regarding Rubio's desire to play in Sacramento over both Memphis and Oklahoma City, I believe like TZ - that Rubio could still be a real possibility at No. 4 overall.  

At second overall, Memphis has proven their commitment to Conley Jr. by 1) firing Iavaroni, 2) trading Crittenton, 3) trading Lowry and 4) hiring Lionel Hollins.  Under Hollins, and following the Lowry trade in Febrary, Conley improved tremendously, averaging nearly 15 points and 6 assists.  Chris Wallace will have to determine whether he'd rather have Rubio and likely trade Conley OR keep Conley and add Thabeet to a weak frontcourt.  I'm hoping, praying even, for the latter.

Oklahoma City's selection at No.3 obviously depends on what the Grizzlies do at No. 2.  If the Grizzlies select Thabeet instead of Rubio then Sam Presti probably will decide between Rubio and James Harden.  Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook had an even better rookie campaign than Conley had as a 2nd year player in Memphis.  Westbrook was a SG at UCLA but played mostly PG this past season under Scott Brooks.  Presti most likely feels Westbrook is the team's PG of the future as evidenced by trying to fill the shooting guard position with players like Sefalosha, Weaver and even Durant at times.  If the Thunder were to select Rubio that would keep Westbrook at the 2 but leave them with two starting guards each at 6'3''.  It appears highly possible that even if Thabeet were unavailable, Harden (6'5'', 218 lbs.) would fit in nicely as Westbrook's backcourt mate of the future.  (If the Grizzlies select Rubio then Presti would probably pick Thabeet over Harden however.)  And, again, I'm not even discussing how both Thabeet and Harden would be happier in Memphis and Oklahoma City, respectively, than Rubio.

Finally, here's my mock:

Pick Team Prospect, Position, School/Team

1 Los Angeles Clippers - Blake Griffin, F, Oklahoma

2 Memphis Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet, C, Connecticut

3 Oklahoma City Thunder - James Harden, G, Arizona State


4 Sacramento Kings - Ricky Rubio, G, DKV Joventut 


5 Washington Wizards - Jordan Hill, F, Arizona

6 Minnesota Timberwolves - Jrue Holiday, G, UCLA

7 Golden State Warriors - Brandon Jennings, G, Lottomatica Roma

8 New York Knicks - Stephen Curry, G, Davidson

9 Toronto Raptors - Tyreke Evans, G, Memphis

10 Milwaukee Bucks - Ty Lawson, G, North Carolina

11 New Jersey Nets - DeMar DeRozan, G, Southern California

12 Charlotte Bobcats - DeJuan Blair, F, Pittsburgh

13 Indiana Pacers - Austin Daye, F, Gonzaga

14 Phoenix Suns - Jonny Flynn, G, Syracuse

15 Detroit Pistons - Earl Clark, F, Louisville

16 Chicago Bulls - Terrence Williams, G, Louisville

17 Philadelphia Sixers - Gerald Henderson, G, Duke

18 Minnesota Timberwolves - B.J. Mullens, C, Ohio State

19 Atlanta Hawks - James Johnson, F, Wake Forest

20 Utah Jazz - Gani Lawal, F, Georgia Tech

21 New Orleans Hornets - Patrick Mills, G, St. Mary's

22 Dallas Mavericks - Eric Maynor, G, Virginia Commonwealth


23 Sacramento Kings - Jeff Teague, G, Wake Forest


24 Portland Trailblazers - Chase Budinger, F, Arizona

25 Oklahoma City Thunder - Derrick Brown, F, Xavier

26 Chicago Bulls - Tyler Hansbrough, F, North Carolina

27 Memphis Grizzlies - Nick Calathes, G, Florida

28 Minnesota Timberwolves - Sam Young, G, Pittsburgh

29 Los Angeles Lakers - Sergio Llull, G, Real Madrid (Spain)

30 Cleveland Cavaliers - Darren Collison, G, UCLA


31 Sacramento Kings - Victor Claver, F, Pamesa Valencia (Spain)




Jeff Teague, unlike Maynor or Mills, still intrigues me at No. 23 after having selected a PG early in the Lottery like Rubio or Jennings.  Some might argue that Teague is the second coming of Quincy Douby: an undersized off-guard that is a terrific shooter/scorer.  However, Teague would not be asked to be something he's not (a true PG) if Rubio was already in the fold.  DX  compares him to an Aaron Brooks or Lou Williams and Petrie was enamored with Brooks.  DX also says Teague's upside is that of a "better-shooting Monta Ellis."  It was only three months ago that Teague was projected as a mid-Lottery selection, around where Jennings and Evans are projected today.  Sure, a lot more will be known after workouts, but right now Teague is interesting as a possible replacement to Martin off the bench.


Not much is known about Claver other than he is athletic, only 20 years old, and has excellent shooting range for a 6'10" forward.  This kind of prospect also intrigues me as a Petrie-esque player, especially at No. 31.  Selecting another young Spaniard could also only help Rubio adjust  one would imagine.  Apparently Claver was injured recently and is only "testing the waters" in this draft.  However, if he were to be selected with another Spaniard - especially of Rubio's fame - that might help his transition as well.  If not, he could return to Spain for another year and the Kings could resign Diogu to a qualifying offer sheet for next season until Claver comes over.

Anyhow, those are some of my initial thoughts/scenarios following Tuesday night's disappointing Lottery.  Maybe I'm nuts with this mock.  What do you think?

Jeff Teague via
Victor Claver via

PS - I'm formerly "darknight" here at STR...


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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