Drafts of Geoff Petrie

I wanted to respond to a lot of fan comments on radio and on the internet that essentially place a lot of trust in Geoff Petrie's supposed legendary status as a draft wizzard.  To listen to some of these comments, Geoff is supposed to be a draft mastermind, one of the best GM's when it comes to drafting.  Sometimes Geoff's reputation as one of the best GMs in the game is based on a combination of trades, player free agent aquisitions and draft picks.  Most recently fueling his supposed draft genius is the picks of Jason at PF and Hawes at Center.  According to the line of the argument, Geoff will undoubtadly come up with a great pick in this draft.

I, for one, AM a Geoff Petrie supporter.  Overall, I think he has done a good job with the Kings.  If I owned the team I would keep him as a GM.  I should also note that the Kings have had some of the worst luck in basketball history and that the Maloofs have had their fingerprints all over a number of coaching and player moves.

After taking in some of these comments about Geoff's greatness with the draft, I thought I would look at his last 10 draft picks.  (I left out Jason because it is too early to tell.  He has all-star potential but in the end he might just be a decent starting forward, journeyman kind of player) Players he selected and kept for a while.  Who actually played for the Kings.  I am not looking at trades of picks nor am I looking at explanations for why draft picks did or did not pan out.  Or why the Kings didn't have a draft pick or had to draft at a low pick.  I'm not even getting into the strategy of who he drafts.  I just wanted to look at how Geoff's picks do when he does pick them and keep them.  .Also to be even fairer to Geoff, I did not look at 2nd round picks even though I don't think any of Geoff's 2nd rounders have amounted to anything. (Think about his his record in the second round. Pitiful)  I also didn't look at the players he passed up.

What I find is that Geoff's drafting ability show him to be a decent but not particularly great drafter.  In rating players, I tried to err on the side of being too generous rather than too harsh with players. The categories I used where as follows:


Hall of fame Potential:  0

All-star caiber player:  1

Starting NBA player:  4

Servicable Journeyman: 3

Bust/Fringe NBA Player: 2



Jason Thompson

Jury is Out


Spencer Hawes

NBA Starter - promising young Center with all-star potential


Quincy Douby

Bust/Fringe Player


Francisco Garcia

Servicable journeyman player who can’t start on worst NBA team


Kevin Martin

All-star caliber


No pick



No Pick



Gerald Wallace

NBA starter – but late bloomer


Hidayet Turkoglu

Servicable journeyman/role player - inconsistent


No Pick



Jason Williams

NBA starter – flashy, inconsistent loose canon


Tariq Abdul-Wahad

Bust/Fringe Player


Peja Stojakovic

NBA Starter - Injury prone shooter, never reached his potential


Corlis Williams

Servicable journeyman/role player who had his moments

In short folks, Geoff hasn't exactly set the Kings or the NBA on fire with his draft picks.  In developing these categories, I tried to look at where the player would generally fit in even if there were some ups and downs in there careers. You could argue that maybe some players should be a little higher or lower - e.g. Gerald Wallace or Peja.  But the long and the short of it is that Geoff hasn't brought a whole lot in through the draft.  The fact that I hear a lot about what a great pick Garcia is says a lot about the quality of playes Geoff has brought in. 

It is not just the Kings that are facing a challenge in this draft.  If Geoff doesn't  bring in some all-star caliber, high quality starters, top 25 kind of players, he is going to start coming under the microscope.   We don't need another Francisco Garcia.  We need some high quality starting players.  We need that second rounder to actually turn into a contributing player.

Also, to some extent Geoff has put us in this situation.  Yes the Kings have had rotten luck.  Lousy lottery luck. They have had to contend with the NBA fixing the 2002 Lakers series. Yes the Maloofs have forced some personnel and coaching descions on Geoff.  But his fingerprints are all over this mess too. And I don't think its just one decision like Douby.  Its a series of bad decisions.  Sharef (what was he going to be - the poor man's Chris Webber?).  The immortal Miki Moore.  Greg Ostertag - now there is somebody who fits in a Princeton motion offense.  For all the trades - Artest, Peja, Bibby, Miller, Salmons - what do we have to show for it?  Some salary cap space sure but one frigging 1st round pick and Donte Green?  And did I mention a 5 year, bloated contract for Beno,courtesoy of Geoff,  just when the Kenny Thomas salary is finally coming off.  In fact you could ask why didn't the Kings start rebuilding back when Webber wrecked his knee and it was clear  he was never going to be the same player.  Did we really think that we were going to build a championship around Peja, Miller and Bibby?

You know, we can put down the Clippers but they have more talent than we do.  Sure, there are GMs that have done worse.  I'm not saying Petrie is a bum and we should can him.  But do you think he has done better than Portland, OKC?  How about the Lakers or Boston?  In short, its time that Geoff stepped up to the drafting plate big time.  As fans we need to stop calling for his head unless we can name someone better.  But we also have to stop defering to him as though he is the second coming of Red Aurebach.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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