Drafts of Geoff Petrie - who he passed up

In a previous post, I poked a sacred cow by saying that Geoff Petrie did a decent but not great job in drafts, that most of his players were in the role player, journeyman, starting NBA player category.  My main point was that GP hasn't brought home the bacon in terms of bringing in any major impact, consistent as opposed to episodic all star caliber, top 25 type players with the exception of KMart.

The main response was that GP is too a great drafter because a few of the players he drafted once in a while had a really good seasons or playoff series and in any case he couldn't draft anybody better given where he drafted.  That he seldom had a high draft pick.


First, lets ignore the fact that virtually every 2nd round pick he had amounted to nothing.

Second lets look at the players he could have had. Now before I do it, remember, contrary to popular belief, I am not saying GP is a bad drafter and that all of the players he has drafted were no good.  Nor am I saying that there was always a better player available thant the one the Kings picked.  But lets see if there were ever any better players available for Geoff than what we ended up with. 

Lets see:

JT and Hawes:  Way too early to say on these two.

Quincy Douby - how about Rajon Rondo - awsome PG for NBA champion Celtics (We sure don't need one of those)

Francsico Garcia - Try David Lee, PF, C 16 PPG, 11 RG. 

Gerald Wallace - We could have had Tony Parker, perrenial all star PG for the Spurs.

Jason Williams - I sure wouldn't have wanted Dick Nowitzkie or Paul Pearce who were available.  If fact I am sure you could trade Jason straight up for either one of these guys right now.  Just like we could have traded Bibby straight up for either one of them when we had to move him. NOT

Peja:  Steve Nash, Derek Fisher, Jermaine O'Neal.

So, my point?   GP has done a decent job with drafting.  But he is not the second coming of Red Auebach like some people seem to think.  Looks like we could have had some all star players after all.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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