The Case for Terrence Williams

I am very excited that the Kings' management team is meeting with Terrence Williams at the combine in Chicago.



When I think of Terrence Williams, the current NBA player I see is Andre Iguodala. Terrence is a beast and could fill the Kings' SF void Ziller wrote about a couple days ago.  He is possibly the best athlete in this entire draft and the antithesis of Kevin Martin.  Keep in mind that T-Will is 6'6'' and played the 2 for Louisville last year when reading the following stats I have listed.  He is an INSANE rebounder, averaging 8.9 rebounds a game, in the Big East last year.  That is 2 less rebounds per game than 7'3'' Hasheem Thabeet, in the same, ultra-competitive conference.  He is a very good passer, averaging 5.0 assists per game, or less than 2 under the average of PG Jonny Flynn.  He is a lock-down defender, which cannot truly be represented accurately by stats.  However, he average over 2 steals and just under 1 block per game.  I understand he is not an incredible shooter but that he is improving and shot 38.5% from 3 last year.  He is of the point-forward mold and is a complete basketball player - one of the most complete in the draft.  I'm thinking a better version of Doug Christie that:

a. does not inspire hatred among all of our opponents' fans due to his incessant and obnoxious hand gestures.

b. will put fans in the stands with his emphatic dunks (Gerald Wallace style)

c.  gives us some necessary badass swagger that's been missing since we traded Artest for the goofiest (yet, my favorite) player in the league.

d. he'd be the lock-down perimeter defender we obviously need. 

Terrence is a 4-year college player who had a very respected coach, both qualities Geoff Petrie seems to look for.  He could play immediately as a defensive stopper and his assist stats lead me to believe he could fit in the Princeton offense.  The only problem that I see is that while I personally think he's worthy of going as early as 4, I doubt he'll be selected over Harden (who I also love for very different reasons) and I see the Kings taking a PG at 4 to address their biggest need.  I am almost certain he will not be available when the 23rd pick rolls around as I hear the Golden State Don Nelsons, among other teams, love him.  The only knocks I hear on him is that he is slightly inconsistent and may be a bit of a head case.  How many head cases have seemed to do just fine is Sacramento? I mean the only way to get in trouble here apparently is to forget to feed your dog.

If the Kings could trade #23 and #31 in order to move up and get Terrence Williams, I think time will prove it is a good move.  If he is miraculously available at #23, I think it's a no-brainer in the 'best player available' ideology. 

That's all I have to say about that.  What are your thoughts StR?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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